Friday, September 20, 2013

The Catholic Defender: Defund the Bill

The Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to defund the Bill, which means to defund Obama-care.

This presents a very interesting situation in Washington because the Liberal establishment is pushing for it. 

Let's take a quick look at some of the problems of Obama-care which is about to be implemented in a few weeks if it is not stopped.

The effect that Obama-care is already having on our economy is being felt.  The impact that is harmful, is going to affect every part of American life in a very negative way. 

The Cleveland Clinic is reportedly planning to lay off nearly 3,000 workers in anticipation for Obama-care.  They have to slash $300,000,000 to cut cost.  This is one of the very clinics that President Obama went to present his plan.

Hundreds of franchise owners throughout the Country converged on Washington claiming that Obama-care will force them to cut worker hours to under a 30 hour work week to avoid the higher cost.

In Connecticut, the Lawrence and Memorial Hospital has already cut several jobs because of Obama-Care

The Stryker Corp laid off 1,170 employees because of Obama-care.  This is the tip of the iceberg as this debate continues to rage in Washington. 

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons is petitioning to Congress to defund Obama-care.  The National Doctors Association is joining the petition to stop Obama-care.

For Catholics, Obama-care will include abortion services and Artificial Birth Control will be forced upon Catholic institutions, hospitals, doctors, nurses, and para-professionals.  The Hyde Amendment will be struck down which defends a Christians right of conscience.

In reference to abortion, the position of the Obama Administration states, “…any girl who is physically mature enough to conceive should, ipso facto, be granted the freedom to determine the fate of her pregnancies.”

I will never forget Nancy Pelosi and her Liberal Democrat establishment defying the American people who opposed Obama-care at 70%.  As Nancy Pelosi marched with a large gavel, thousands of people were saying, "kill the bill".

After a number of years since, the American people still opposes Obama-care nearly at the 70% rate.  Now the American people are calling for Congress to "defund the Bill", because this is going to be a Government takeover that will encompass 1/7 of our economy.   We simply cannot afford this.

We are nearly 17 trillion dollars in debt, we should be very concerned about the quality of the health care they will receive.

The Health Care systems in Europe that inspires the Obama Administration has been sending warnings because many of the European Nations cannot continue to afford Socialism's version of health care.  They are going broke.

The greater concern that Americans will lose their quality of heath care is a real threat.  There will be longer waiting time for surgeries, if you even qualify.  Will you lose your choice for health care? It looks like many will not have a choice.

Time is running short and this might be the last real opportunity to stop Obama-care.  If it is implemented, it will be so entrenched they will be no getting out of it.

Because of Obama-care, our religious freedoms that are safeguarded by the American Constitution will be threatened.  I encourage you to call your Senator to defund Obama-care (202-224-3121).

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