Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My response to a friend

UPDATE! I originally posted this in December. I expected some blow back from Christian fundamentalists but not from Chris. He took some gratuitous shots at me on his show of January 3rd and, on Skype has accused me of everything from hate and anti-semitism to slander and name calling. He also attacks me for using Catholic doctrine to specifically rebut his claim that all Christians believe as fundamentalists do. How else would I go about disproving his claim? He asserts that Catholic doctrine is un-Biblical but provides no evidence to support this ridiculous assertion.

Chris's claims about me are all clearly and demonstrably false. You have only to listen to my audio clips below. I admonished him for making some very hurtful and uncharitable generalizations. However, his assertion that I attacked his faith is utter nonsense. listen for yourself.

In closing, let me just say that I hope Chris continues on his journey of faith and I ask you all to continue to listen to his extraordinarily well produced show.

Last night, I was supposed to do an interview with my friend Christopher Fredrickson of the Paul Revere show. First, let me start by giving the show an enthusiastic plug and invite you to listen as often as you can.

The interview didn't take place as it happened that both of us were feeling a little under the weather.

The intention of last night's show segment was to allow me to comment on some remarks he made on a recent program. The remarks I am referring to cover the 24 minute span from 4:22 to 28:32.

Though his remarks cover just those 24 minutes, it takes me 2 hours to respond. I do so in 2 parts. Part 1 and Part 2. I tried to respond honestly and in Christian love but no doubt, some feathers will be rattled.

Enough material is covered to probably make 50 shows or articles.

I'll be hear waiting for the blow back!

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