Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Catholic Defender: Secret Agent Man

March 2005, while visiting home in Missouri, I was walking down town Humansville, population 832.

I went to high school there in the middle 1970's when I graduated.

As I walked around main street, I walked into a store that I had never seen before.

It had the appearance of a Christian bookstore so I went in.

One of the gentlemen in the store introduced himself as Gregory Thompson.

There were about 5 people there sitting together as I walked in. I discovered at this point, he was a former superintendent of the High School.

Dr. Gregory Thompson was involved in a major battle with the ACLU who had strategically picked a fight with the Superintendent.

The ACLU came to his office informing him that he had to take his crucifix off his wall, he had to take his bible out of his office, he could not bless his food in the school cafeteria.

They also paid $40,000 to a single mother to lodge a complaint against the Ten Commandments that had been in the School. Dr. Thompson was subsequently fired by the School Board because he refused to comply with the ACLU and their demands.

The School lawyers didn't have the backbone to stand up against the ACLU. This had taken place in 2003, as I listened to him recalling his story, I remember this story in the news.

This was an orchestrated move by the ACLU who had attacked Judge Roy Moore from Alabama.

As I listened to Dr. Thompson I took a good look at his crucifix on his wall and thanked him for his respect to the Catholic Faith. That's when I was informed that he was a "former Catholic".

There were four other people sitting at a table near by as I began explaining the faith. I spoke for an hour before I had to go. My wife and daughter had just completed their shopping.

As I was leaving, Dr. Thompson asked me if I could come back later that evening to talk more about the Catholic Faith.

I was more than happy to, I had the conversion story of Alex Jones and I wanted to share this with him when I returned. It was about 18:45 that evening when I returned and we talked for about 4 hours.

From this point on, Dr. Thompson would become a great friend. I encouraged him to pray about his holy Catholic Faith, the need to return.

He went to Mass with me and came to the house where I was able to give Mom holy Communion as she was bed ridden.

Today, Dr. Thompson has fully returned to the Catholic Faith and his family also have been coming home to the Catholic Faith.

He has had several meetings with Catholic Clergy supporting his work for various causes. What a great blessing it is for me to have been a part of the Lord's work. While Dr. Thompson had been outside the Church, he has made alliances with Non-Catholic groups who does not know of his Catholic background nor his return.

Some of them might not be understanding about his Catholic faith and so Dr. Thompson has continue to work with them on pro-life and other causes without fully disclosing his faith.

Some of them have come to find this out and were shocked, but ultimately, the inroads have been made and through his efforts, people are developing a new respect for the Church because of his witness.

I will have the chance to see some of this first hand later this month as I have been invited to speak at the Capital Building in Jefferson City Missouri.

What an honor for me to be able to have the chance to speak before many people gathering there.

So, Gregory, you are God's "Secret Agent Man"!

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