Friday, January 7, 2011

The Catholic Defender: The Converts

The Catholic Church today continues to grow despite the influence of secularism, internal conflict, scandal, modernism, and abounding heresies.

Why are conversions happening today with so many obstacles attacking the faith?

There is a struggle taking place and the Church is right in the middle of it.

Young people are wanting to know the truth and many are getting involved. Look at the Pro-life crowds in Washington D.C. every year.

Young people are there by the thousands. World Youth Day Events have hundreds of thousands even from countries that frown on Christianity.

There is a battle taking place in our homes, in our communities, all over this world. I have been graced to help many come home to the Catholic Faith, what a joy it has been to teach people how to pray the rosary, read the bible, the Mass.

It is the work of the Holy Spirit that calls people to himself, he uses us as his voice, his hands and feet. I have witness people from very difficult backgrounds overcome their issues and find joy in their life again.

We have much work to do in building up the Kingdom of God here and now, but Christ has given us the grace to accomplish his work. I have worked with many from other countries, many in the Military, and many here at home.

What a blessing it is to see whole families return home to the Faith. The Mission Statement of deepertruth is to equip Catholics to be able to stand up for the faith. To give resource to those who like our perspectives.

We thank God for the many other Catholic sources available like Defenders of the Catholic Faith (DCF), Catholic Answers and St. Joseph's Communication.

I myself am a "revert" as I was away from the Church for about three years.

I am so thankful that the Lord has forgiven me and gave me the grace to serve him. If what we do helps one person to find heaven, then this is all worth it. Jesus would leave the 99 to search for the one gone astray.

The Periodical Father wasn't Just waiting for his son on the front porch, he ran out to his son with much gladness. When a Prodigal son comes home, a soul has been saved from death and a multitude of sins are forgiven.

Some of the great converts of our time include Singer John Michael Talbot, Apologist Tim Staples, Actor John Wayne, Jeff Cavins (Revert), Radio Talk Show host Laure Ingraham , Dr. Gregory Thompson (Revert), and millions more around the world.

God gives us so much if only we would wake up to answer the call. The labors are many but the laborers a few. This Easter Vigil we should see a rich harvest as people are coming home. Please welcome them and pray for the RCIA program! They need to be strong!

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