Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Despicable exploitation of a tragedy by political animals.

The exploitation of the Arizona tragedy by political animals such as Dick Durbin, Steny Hoyer and the Democratic sheriff in Arizona, is just nauseating.

This is particularly true because the gun man- a devil worshiping devotee of Hitler and Stalin- is the polar opposite of the people being smeared by baseless innuendo.

Let's remember that the same people screeching about the coarseness of our dialogue were eerily silent when movies and photography exhibits were openly dramatizing the assassination of an American President.

A 9 year old child died in this horrible, senseless, massacre, as well as 5 others. Of the additional 13 wounded, we know not who will live or die. Further, we do not know, of those who do live, how their lives will be forever altered.

Where is your humanity? For the victims, for their families and for the love and fear of God, stop debasing our national grief by trying to elevate this crazed psychopath to a level of honor he doesn't merit.

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