Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Catholic Defender: The Westboro Baptist

I remember Billy Graham coming to Nashville sometime around 2,000 while I was stationed at Fort Campbell Kentucky, at one time this place was known as "The Dark and Bloody Ground" as the Indians once called it.

Today, we have the Tennessee Titans near by, interstate 24, and a lot of space.

I had always respected Billy Graham, he was a good friend of Bishop Sheen going back to the 1970's and recently (2000) with Cardinal O'Connor of New York.

Cardinal O'Connor had recently died and Billy Graham had nothing but kind words for him calling him a true Churchman and an American. Because of these kind words, there was a small group protesting Billy Graham's crusade at Titan Stadium. They were protesting Billy because of the kind words he had said for a "Catholic".

The protesters were out picketing hours before the concert that began before Billy's crusade. That was the primary reason why we decided to go because DC Talk, Jars of Clay, and other Christian groups were going to play.

I struck up a conversation with the protesters wondering why they were protesting Billy Graham. It was because they didn't like what Billy had said about Catholics. Being the "Catholic Defender", the game was on!

I had much enjoyment countering everything they were saying to people coming to the concert. That night I earned 21 condemnations. It was great to see people who were not even Catholic agreeing with me over the radical backwoods hatred these people were spewing.

I enjoyed this so much, I decided to come back the next night. This time I wore a good size crucifix with a black tee-shirt with praying hands with a rosary prominently displayed on the front of the shirt. That crucifix earned me at least 5 condemnations.

When they realized I would not buckle, I followed them around from one street corner to another going across the street. I felt that if they were willing to throw stones at Mother Church, I was willing to stand out there and defend her.

These people didn't like me too much. Later on, groups like this would begin targeting Military funerals. They began to find new lows of human decency.

This group opposes Homosexuality in the Military and they show despicable signs protesting the Military. All (true) Christians oppose the practice of Homosexuality as a serious sin and are concerned for the Military, we have the Constitution that gives us the means to right wrongs by Progressives. We have the power of the vote. The tactics of the Westboro Baptist church demonstrates perhaps a right, but it is the wrong message.

Protesting brave young men and women serving their country is not the right way. The Westboro Baptist church have taken themselves again to a new low.

Tomorrow, they plan to picket and protest 9 year old Christina Taylor Green's funeral.

It is reported that they said little Christina "deserved to die".

The Westboro Baptist church believes that God "hates" Catholics.

This is the same kind of hate filled rhetoric found from Jack Chick publishing.

Fox News reported that members of the Tea-Party will be prepared with both Republicans and Democrats to protect the grieving family from these low life hounds.

I do not usually get into the business of name calling, but the Westboro Baptist church are a voice of evil.

Little Christina is in the arms of the Lord Jesus, she received Him in Communion, now she is forever in the perpetual light of Christ. Please continue to pray for the victims and their families.

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