Friday, June 29, 2012

7 quick takes Friday

                                   --- 1 ---
Justice John Roberts has lost his mind and America will pay a grievous price for it.

I must admit that I have gone back and forth through shock, seething rage and smothering despair at Justice Roberts decision to join with the 4 demons in robes that are Sotamayor, Kagan, Stephens and Ginsberg.

Who could have imagined that the voice of sanity would be Anthony Kennedy, the flighty swing vote?

Chief John Roberts was supposed to be the man who steered the court towards principled, Constitutionalism. Judicial restraint, don't go past the framers intent.

The decision released yesterday was the very definition of Judicial activism. After striking down the argument that the commerce clause gave the Obama administration the authority to enact legislative tyranny, he throws them a life-line by waving his magic wand and saying *poof* "It's a tax". This was after team Obama argued-quite forcefully- that it wasn't a tax. So, essentially, Roberts argued that the authority that isn't an authority is an authority according to the tax that isn't a tax. I can only surmise that Obama threatened him or bribed him. Nothing else makes sense. This may have been our only chance to stop this monstrosity. Thanks, John. You just may have killed a country. Sleep well.

--- 2 ---
The feast of Peter and Paul
Together, they are responsible for at least 15 of the books of the New Testament (The authorship of Hebrews is in question). They were both martyred in Rome and they are both fixtures of the early Church. However, Peter was the Rock (Kephas) upon which the church was built and Paul always called him that, lest we forget.

                    --- 3 ---                                                 Independence day.
This just in. Independence day will not be this Wednesday as you might have thought. It has been moved this year, following the Court's outrageous decision. Our Independence will now be celebrated on November 6th. Mark your calendars.              
   --- 4 ---
For those of you who are not skeptical of the current election reporting calling it a neck and neck race or too close to call, consider this. Obama is currently polling below the critical 50% mark in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Colorado and Florida. All states he won in 2008. Wisconsin was a state he won in 2008 by 14 points, Michigan by 16, Pennsylvania by 11. In addition to this, Dems, and their media accomplices keep calling Arizona a battleground. Romney is eeking it 13. Neck and neck, my butt. Romney is going to win 40 states.

--- 5 ---
Shameless self promotion. We are supposed to have a debate tonight. If our opponent shows.
--- 6 ---
Deepertruthblog is working on a major project! A video series on the Book of Revelation and the antichrist. Stay tuned!
-- 7 ---  
Justice Roberts may have just given the election to Romney.

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