Saturday, June 2, 2012

Why I have decided to vote for Mitt Romney

After some long, hard and painful soul searching,  I have come to a very unpleasant conclusion. That conclusion is that I simply have no choice but to vote for Mitt Romney for President on November 6th.

This is despite the fact that I still see him as a slick, cut-throat opportunist who will say or do anything to get elected, just as much as the guy he presumes to be replacing. In fact, I am appalled that after the 3 1/2 year catastrophe that has been the Obama presidency, that this is the best nominee the GOP can come up with.

As a result, I have left the Republican party and now call myself an independent.

That is why I am stunned and amazed that I have actually decided to vote for the worst Republican nominee, at least since Hoover, and maybe ever.

I do so for one-and only one- reason. Barack Hussein Obama has to go. He is an enemy of freedom, an enemy of American sovereignty, an enemy of life. In short, this godless anti-christ of a president is so horribly awful that I am going to have suppress my vomit reflex long enough to pull the lever for Romney, then rush outside so I can throw up. What a horrible time we live in when we have to vote for a man who thinks he is going to become a god, so we can replace one who thinks he already is one. Pass the Mylanta.

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