Friday, June 8, 2012

7 Quick takes friday

                                   --- 1 ---
This is not just my explicit instruction to the members of my blogsite, but it is good advice to anyone operating a blog that aims to be taken seriously.

The trolls will naturally whine and cry that you are suppressing free speech or you are afraid of different opinions. Always remember that your Catholic blog has three purposes.

The first is to encourage and equip Catholics in their walk with Christ and their ability to contend for the faith. The second is to counter the false claims and arguments anti-catholics use to draw people out of the faith. The third is to evangelize and bring others into our faith.

To the extent that honest people are seeking answers to thoughtful, intelligent concerns about our holy faith, we should engage them. The trolls are not only incapable of rational, intelligent debate, they don't have anything to gain by advancing in it, since they hate us.

There is nothing to be gained by giving a platform to hecklers and petulant children who only seek to destroy what someone else has built. You should not respond at all to them.
--- 2 ---
In the shameless promotion Quick Take, version 3.0  I would invite you all to make sure and  listen to our interview with Catholic Apologist and internet radio host Colleen Hammond. Tonight on our blogtalkradio show.

--- 3 ---
You are making a big mistake if you look at last Tuesday's win by Scott Walker as a victory for just Republicans. The overt corruption and patronage of public employee unions has been a national outrage and the numbers of people victimized by out-of-control teachers, contractors and CPS caseworkers who victimize families is collosal. Breaking the stranglehold they have on state budgets and the unholy, incestous relationship they have with the very government agencies purporting to be watchdogs for us can only be a good thing. Less corruption in government, fewer rigged elections, and better educated and safer kids will be the good fruit of winning these kinds of battles against these union thugs. Everyone who is sincere about saving America should be celebrating this. This is to say nothing about reducing the mountains of debt.
                 --- 4 ---
My Father will be 83 years old tomorrow and the changes in his life have been staggering. I wonder, if he could have had a glimpse of 2012 when he was young if he would have even recognized our country. It probably would have been unimaginable to him that he could have a live full-color conversation in the palm of his hand with someone 8,000 miles away.

I think he would have been equally shocked by the prospect of a world that is so openly hostile to the very values of faith, morality and hard work that were the very fabric of American culture then. The idea of getting away to be unreachable is gone. Reconciling the notion of taking a phone on a fishing trip is something I just don't think he could have come to grips with.

--- 5 ---
If there is any remaining doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is completely out-of-touch with Americans, consider his statement today that the private sector is doing just fine.

I give every voter in America this challenge. If you agree with this statement, vote for Obama. If you disagree, vote for Romney. How many Romney commercials do you think this quote will be in this fall? June has not been kind to Barry and we are only 8 days in!
--- 6 ---
I am not sure what to make of the lawsuit aimed at the NFL by 2,000 former players regarding head injuries. It is not exactly a state secret that the NFL has become a very violent game. The NFL crackdown on the New Orleans Saints' bounty program is just a start. How about banning players like James Harrison and Ndamukong Suh if you want to be taken seriously?
The thug mentality has taken over the NFL. The players embrace it, the NFL responds with the occasional slap on the wrist.

--- 7 --- 
They haven't passed a budget in nearly 3 years. There are leaks of National security information putting our country in danger. 14 million people have lost their jobs. So, what is the big priority of the congressman for my district?

Banning foam cups from the House cafeteria.

Somebody please stop the planet. I need to get off

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