Friday, June 15, 2012

7 quick takes Friday

                                   --- 1 ---
The problem with running from God!
The question posed in John 6:69 always gets in the way. Frustration got the best of me this past week but, really, it all boils down to that question- to whom shall I go? If I run from God, I only run deeper into my own will and that only winds you up in a whale of trouble. Just ask Jonah.

So, though I am still exasperated at my own inadequacy and I come up dry every time I want to say or write something and I wish I could just hide, the universe isn't big enough to hide from God, so I need to suck it up and try again.
--- 2 ---
Devotion has a name, it's Tamara Benko. That's my wife of 26 years and 26 million frustrations and setbacks. I love this lady so much. She anchors me when I am about to lose my mind and she is the walking talking personification of never-give-up.                                         --- 3 ---                                                 Father's day is this Sunday. I guess on some level, I always thought this was kind of a hallmark holiday. This Father's day will be the 47th one for me and my Dad. For too many of those years, I had a terrible relationship with that man and that is something I am having a tough time forgiving myself for, especially in light of the fact that this will almost certainly be the last Father's day we share. Treasure your Dad, if you still have him.
                 --- 4 ---
Speaking of guilt, a certain level of it is healthy. Guilt is supposed to lead to change. When guilt is ignored, that's not a good thing. Yet, guilt that leads to scrupulosity and despair isn't good either. Corie Ten Boom said it best. There is no pit so deep, that God is not deeper still. I have to keep telling myself this. It isn't about what you have done, it's about who He is.

How long will it take me to learn that my feelings are not relevant to the question of salvation? In fact, the are often counter-productive. If my guilt causes me to become depressed and frozen in quicksand, what in the world has that accomplished?

As my wise friend Christie Martin put it, Is it not enough that you must carry your cross, that you let the devil beat you with it too? Christie is good at those Spiritual head slaps.

--- 5 ---
Having struggled with Depression for a long time, I was struck that the clinical condition uses the same term as what happens to the ground when hit by a giant boulder, falling from a great distance.Yea! That's what it feels like. Depression is as much environmental as mental, as much metaphysical as physical. In fact, Depression affects all of the four persons., but I believe it starts in the spiritual person and grows out from there. It starts from that basic frustration of seeking, and hoping to find, happiness and satisfaction in a world full of sorrow and hate and suffering and death.

On a logical level, this is roughly equal to trying to find a Buick in a cabbage patch but we are not logical beings. In our over-medicated world, we try to reduce everything to a health issue. Give me a break.

Last year, we interviewed a friend of mine, whose son fell from a church ceiling to his death.

Paxil isn't going to help with that.
--- 6 ---
Denial is often the root cause of addiction and that is the reason that the Serenity prayer is at the core of any religious based addiction therapy.

You all know it;

 God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference. 

It is written by a man named Reinhold Niebuhr and the message is pretty straightforward- God grant me the ability to see things as they really are and act accordingly. Ok, so you knew that. But did you know that the prayer is whispered during DTB's defacto theme song Higher Power ?

--- 7 ---  
Though I am back with the DTB group for the time being at least,  I am done with facebook. Has there ever been a more awful thing created in human history? For each of it's good and worthwhile purposes, I'll show you five ways it ruins lives, destroys reputations and productivity and causes people, you have never met, to drive you absolutely out of your mind.

For those of you who used it the right way, I apologize. But one more day on facebook and I was going to start hearing voices from dogs and having thoughts of climbing a radio tower. Good riddance. I do not yet know what role I am going to continue in at DTB but I am absolutely certain it will not involve a personal account on Facebook.
UPDATE JUNE 16: It appears the functionality of DTB is going to depend on my getting back on Facebook but I will be dropping people from my friends list who are a stumbling block for me.

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