Friday, June 1, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Three more days of vacation left and the grand spiritual breakthrough I am seeking remains elusive. I guess the spiritual breakthrough is that there are few spiritual breakthroughs and I have to double down and start digging again. Let's face it. There is a reason why everyone hates the catholic church. This whole deny yourself and carry your cross thing is not much fun. It isn't a message that sells very well.
--- 2 ---
In the shameless promotion Quick Take, version 2.0  I would invite you all to make sure and look at the new front page. I like it. Our first 80,000 hit month remains elusive.We logged 79,347 in May. Still a record for us. We will keep on chooglin'
--- 3 ---
Since I missed out on last Friday's take, I'll take the chance now to say goodbye to Robin Gibb. Man, what a voice.                 --- 4 ---
I still find myself shocked and appalled by the ignorance of the anti-catholics who attack us. In a recent attack on one of our videos, an-anti took issue with my comment that Jesus died on a Friday. I thought everyone knew this.

--- 5 ---
Speaking of Jesus dying on a Friday, we now have more proof that He died on the particular Friday of April 3rd, 33 AD. We have held this position for some time. Those Catholics just always wind up being proven right.
--- 6 ---
Not only is the charade of Global warming going up in flames, but (as I have always known) it is the deniers of this silly emperors-new-clothes ideology that are the more critical scientific thinkers.
--- 7 --- 
This past Tuesday, we were thrilled to have Steve Ray on our program.

Take a listen if you get the chance!

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