Saturday, June 2, 2012

25 reasons you can stake your soul on Catholicism

This article is intended to correspond to this show. We offer the following 25 reasons as proofs of the truth of the Catholic Church as the one and only certain path to heaven. True, many Catholics are going to hell and, true, Catholics, owing to the mercy of God, hold hope in the possible salvation of others. Nevertheless, the one and only certain path to heaven is to be a practical Catholic, in communion with the Holy See, free from mortal sin, partaking in prayer and the sacraments.

Here are 25 reasons why you can know this for certain to be true and never be troubled by even the smallest shadow of a doubt.

  1. The Church is ONE (unified).
  2. The Church is HOLY (set apart)
  3. The Church is CATHOLIC (universal)
  4. The Church is APOSTOLIC (descended from the apostles)
  5. The Church is EUCHARISTIC (understands the truth of Jesus' body, blood, soul & divinity)
  6. The Church is SACRAMENTAL (following the Scriptural model)
  7. The Church is COMMUNAL (countering the 'me alone' nonsense)
  8. The Church understands DENIAL OF SELF (as a cost of discipleship)
  9. The Church is the only one that makes sense of SUFFERING (again, as a cost of discipleship)
  10. The Church is HISTORICAL (it is impossible to support any other church historically).
  11. The Church has a long history of MIRACLES (a proof of it's veracity that scripture requires)
  12. Detractors lie about it's TEACHINGS (a proof of it's veracity that scripture requires)
  13. Detractors lie about it's HISTORY (a proof of it's veracity that scripture requires)
  14. Opponents of it's INFALLIBILITY have searched in vain to find a contradiction in teaching.
  15. The Church passes the GAMALIEL test like no other in history.
  16. Only the Catholic church fulfills the PERPETUAL PRIESTHOOD.
  17. Only the Catholic church gave us THE BIBLE.
  18. Only the Catholic church is HATED BY THE WHOLE WORLD.
  19. Only the Catholic church understands MARY.
  20. Only the Catholic church gets the COMMUNION OF SAINTS.
  21. Only the Church can claim people like ST LAWRENCE, ST FRANCIS and JOHN PAUL II
  22. Only Peter was given the KEYS TO THE KINGDOM
  23. Only Catholicism can fulfill JOHN 20:23
  24. Only a Catholic Priest can perform an EXORCISM
  25. Jesus meant what He said in LUKE 10:16 and MATTHEW 18:18.

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