Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Catholic Defender: The Battle Lines Drawn

The war upon the unborn child continues and the latest battle front is taking place in the State of Texas.

I've been following the story this past week when Senator Wendy Davis, Democrat-Fort Worth, staged a filibuster that prevented a crucial vote that would have prevented abortions after 20 weeks of gestation.

Sen Davis was celebrated as a hero on different talk shows en-kindling a rebirth on the subject of abortion in the public eye.

Thankfully, Governor Rick Perry is dedicated in trying to limit abortion in Texas trying to stand up for all life. In the State of Texas there are annually nearly 80,000 abortions which equates to about 225 abortions per day.

To the pro-abortionist, the right to have an abortion is considered an extreme right of women.

This ties centrally to the radical feminine movement which has lead to  a higher elevated state of rebellion.  This has lead  many into witchcraft, lesbian practice, and radical left-wing agendas.

This is certainly tied into the political movement to suppress the freedom of religion in the United States and the attack on the Catholic Church specifically.

Over the past few years, the polls have constantly shown a public shift to the opposition of abortion on demand, and for the restriction of abortion.  The National Organization of Women (the NOW Gang) had been reduced to slowing growth.

The current battle shaping in Texas is re-energizing the radical feminist movement and it is important for the Church to stand up in the face of it, just like they do in the subsequent video.

This story is becoming known through good people on Face-book, which is how I found it.

It is important that the Church does not remain silent but be willing to take the battle back to the street.

I am so proud and thankful of those who were present in Texas who were willing to stand up for Children, for the rights of all people, and for our faith.  Something beautiful and dramatic in singing Amazing Grace in a public setting, especially when the radical feminists are praising Satan.

This video speaks for itself, listen to the Pro-life crowd singing Amazing Grace, then listen to the pro-abortion group, they are chanting "Hail Satan", this can not be any more clear that abortion is a Satanic sacrifice. It is heating up in Texas!

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