Monday, July 1, 2013

The Catholic Defender: Outside The Wire

Outside the wire is a phrase well known among the Army deployed at the tip of the spear.

Anytime that we open ourselves to specific risks where the enemy can ambush you and kill you.

For many of us this was a daily engagement.

You try to minimize the hazard by ensuring the safety precautions are in place.

I always ensure that my Soldiers went "outside the wire" in their proper protective gear.

All missions had to be planned so that everyone knew the route, everyone knew the mission, and everyone was properly briefed.

We had to be able to respond to any threat and know the action needed to counter any kind of threat.

Spiritual warfare sometimes takes us "outside the wire", sometimes we are at the "tip of the spear".
We must be spiritually ready to go into the battle.
The battle belongs to the Lord.
The Rosary is a very important weapon that the Lord gives us. It is heavens peace plan as Our Lady presented at Fatima in 1917.

The Scripture should be placed in each ones heart. If I was conducting personal checks on my spiritual soldiers getting ready to go out side the wire, I would want to make sure they were prepared to go.

The problem I have seen is that many people are not properly equipped to go to battle. They may have a good heart, but their strength is not grounded.

This must be built, just as an athlete prepares for competition, so should a Christian prepare for temptation, prepare to go into battle.

I think another important gift is to recognize the gift God has given a person.
To be able to use and appreciate the gift of others who are with you. That makes the team much stronger.

1 Timothy 4:7-9 states, "Avoid profane and silly myths. Train yourselves for devotion, for, while physical training is of limited value, devotion is valuable in every respect, since it holds a promise of life both for the present and for the future. This saying is trustworthy and deserves full acceptance".

It is important to walk by faith and not by sight, but we must be able to discern those steps to know what the Lord is calling us to.

Anything that leads a person away from the Catholic Faith is a false way.

Even so, God can still use the journey of those who have left so that when they return, they can produce good fruit.

The restoration of the vineyard is what the Lord is calling for. To bring home the prodigals, those who have left the table of plenty.

As we begin our journey today, let us be charged up ready to do battle, to live out our baptismal vows to reject Satan, the glamor of evil, and to live a holy life.

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