Monday, July 8, 2013

The Catholic Defender: The Chicken Runs At Midnight

I grew up playing in a great little league program just outside of Kansas City in Blue Springs Missouri through the 1960's, I remember seeing the Kansas City A's before they would go to Oakland California.

I remember watching Jim "Catfish" Hunter pitch, see a home run by Lou Piniella of the Baltimore Orioles, and the wonders of being at a professional baseball game.

Like many young boys at the time, I was filled with dreams of playing in the big leagues. I would eventually play college ball and also semi-pro which was a great blessing to play. I love the experience and opportunity I had growing up in the baseball environment.

The story of Amy Donnelly continues to touch my heart, the story of her Father, Rich Donnelly. As inspiring as the video is of the story which I can't help but shed a tear, Amy's impact on the family in solidifying their Catholic Faith is even more inspiring.

This is a great story in how God can use ordinary human beings to create extraordinary events for the glory of God. Does God love baseball? Well, I've always heard that the Lord created the world from the "big inning" (in the beginning), but in the case of Amy Donnelly, this is certainly a new beginning.

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