Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You may not agree with the Catholic Church on birth control...

You may not agree with the Catholic Church's view on birth control, but surely you believe in science. Look at these two articles on the dangers (for women) and the strange correlation with dementia (for men) with our modern methods of birth control. for dangers to women using birth control. for keeping up with the research on the correlation between vasectomy and non-Alzheimer dementias.

When you've read through that, then you might want to look into the natural alternatives to artificial birth control methods.

We Moderns function on the assumption that birth control and abortion are new, an evolution of science and social thought and that The Church simply can't keep up. Let me assure you that the only thing our modern age has done with the birth control industry is to mainstream and legitimize it. A woman's body has long been rendered more convenient by chemically and surgically crippling a healthy, functioning system of her body (because, really, abstaining for three days or so a month is beyond the pale). The irony of the oxymoron of sterile sex is lost on those who want to reduce the mind-blowing entirety of sex to mere orgasm.

But, hey, it's only a blog. You don't like it, don't read up on it. Take your Class 1 Carcinogen, sweetheart, and quit complaining about those nasty little side effects, will you?

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