Thursday, March 1, 2012

Catholic Defender: RIP Andrew BrietBart

Today, at age 43, Andrew Brietbart passed away due to "natural" causes. Mr. Brietbart had been a champion for conservative causes.

Despite early liberal influences in his life, he would change his political views as a result of the Clarence Thomas hearings.

From that time on, there was no looking back. He wrote conservatively for the Huffington Post and the Drudge Report that was coined the "New Media".

I remember watching him on Fox News defending the conservative positions at various times.

He was involved with exposing the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal that ultimately caused Weiner's resignation.

Anthony Brietbart would speak at key Tea Party events across the United States.

I remember that fateful day when Nancy Pelosi marched through the vast crowd calling for the defeat of Obama Care.

She carried that large gavel to taunt the crowd.

The liberal press made the accusation that the Tea Party "Activists" hurled racial slurs at the Representatives as they went through the crowd.

Some went on to say that the Tea Party Activists "spit" at them.

Mr. Brietbart offered to pay $100,000 dollars to the "United Negro College Fund" if they can find any proof of such racial slurs, to this point, there are no takers.

Interestingly, the media was all over the event and can not find any such incident. Andrew Brietbart could be seen challenging the Wall Street Protestors who were disrupting business in New York and branced to many cites across America.

In their wake, there was violence, rape, and even murder. In Oakland, several police were hurt in dealing with these protestors.

The following are some of the controversies uncovered by Andrew Brietbart and associates as found in Wiki:

Anthony Weiner

Main article: Anthony Weiner sexting scandal

On May 28, 2011, Breitbart posted a sexually explicit photo on his Big Journalism website of New York Representative Anthony Weiner obtained through Weiner's Twitter account. Weiner initially denied that he had sent a 21-year-old female college student the link to the photograph, but after questions developed, he admitted to inappropriate online relationships. On June 6, 2011 Breitbart reported other photos Weiner had sent, including one that was sexually graphic. On June 8, 2011, the sexually graphic photo was leaked after Breitbart participated in a radio interview with hosts Opie and Anthony, though Breitbart stated that the photo was published without his permission. Weiner subsequently resigned from his congressional seat on June 21, 2011.

Shirley Sherrod

Main article: Resignation of Shirley Sherrod

On July 19, 2010, Breitbart posted two short videos showing excerpts of a speech by Shirley Sherrod at an NAACP fundraising dinner in March 2010. The ensuing controversy resulted in Sherrod being fired from the United States Department of Agriculture on July 19. After Breitbart was criticized for taking Sherrod's words out of context, he posted the complete 40-minute video of the speech. The NAACP stated that the video excerpts aired by Breitbart were deliberately deceptive and said that he had "snookered" the group. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack later apologized to Sherrod and offered her a new job. In 2011, Sherrod brought suit against Breitbart for defamation.

ACORN undercover videos

Main article: ACORN 2009 undercover videos controversy

Breitbart was also involved in the 2009 ACORN video controversy. Hannah Giles posed as a prostitute seeking assistance while James O'Keefe portrayed her boyfriend, and clandestinely videotaped meetings with ACORN staff. Subsequent criminal investigations by the Brooklyn District Attorney's office and the California Attorney General found the videos were heavily edited in an attempt to make ACORN's responses "appear more sinister", and contributed to the group's demise. Breitbart then provided a forum for O'Keefe on his Big websites and defended his actions on Sean Hannity's Fox News Channel program. Notice how the liberal media responds to Andrew BrietBart? And yes, the Protestors did in fact commit murder, they committed rape, they desecrated the parks in the most vile ways.

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