Saturday, March 3, 2012

*BEST OF DTB #149* I have a say !

Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, put out a video, noting that many women are not getting their voices heard on the Birth Control issue. So she has started an “I have a say” campaign.
Well I agree with Ms. Richards. Many women are not being heard and we do have a say. But, I don’t think she really meant ALL women. I don’t think she meant Catholic women who love the church, and are obedient to her teachings that are there to protect the very women that hate her. You see Ms. Richards, not every woman has bought into Planned Parenthoods lie. Contraception is not medicine, pregnancy is not a disease and unborn children are not ugly tumors that threaten a woman’s very existence. But that is the “theology” you must subscribe to, when you offer up fertility on the sacrificial altar you call “choice”. Our wombs are the battle grounds and the fruits of our fertility, the enemy.
There are 5 words that resonate when I look at the results of our contraceptive minded society. The Catholic Church was right! What was supposed to liberate women has chained them. What was supposed to strengthen marriages destroyed them. What was certainly going to uplift the dignity of women has reduced them to mere play things. And what was going to decrease abortion has not only increased abortion, but abortion has become yet another form of contraception. And now, the promoters of “choice” are giving no choice to those who refuse to declare fertility, the enemy, but a gift from the Author of Life.
In the late 60’s, the Catholic Church put together a commission to take a new look at the issue of contraception and its moral implications. Out of that commission came the Encyclical “Humane Vitae” written in 1968 by Pope Paul VI. Every prediction mentioned in that encyclical has come to pass. Every single one! So while Ms. Richards, Planned Parenthood, and many of our elected Representatives, continue to spread the Big Lie, that the answer is contraception for all, the voice of Catholic Church continues to be the voice of reason and truth. I am part of that church Ms. Richards and my choice is to proclaim her teachings. I will not lie to women. I have a voice and my voice will speak the truth!
As a cancer survivor, I have a very high stake in this issue. You see, my Breast Cancer was estrogen positive. So, I don’t need extra estrogen in my body. It’s harmful to me and others like me. Studies have shown, that the overabundant use of hormonal contraceptives are polluting our water. “Dr. Conrad Daniel Volz from the University of Pittsburgh Center for Environmental Oncology, warned that the rise in steroid hormones in the drinking water in the Pittsburgh area is a threat to health. Numerous studies have shown a link between contraceptive estrogen and hormone problems and some cancers, including testicular cancer.” (Lifesite News source) Entire populations of fish have been wiped out, because the male fish have become feminized by the hormones in the water. It is responsible for the onset of earlier puberty in our young girls. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, an arm of the World Health Organization declared in 2005, that “the Pill”, is a Class 1 Carcinogen. And you call this health care? A woman’s right? Stop lying to women, Ms. Richards. Stop hiding the facts.
Up until 1930, all Christian denominations believed that contraception was a grave moral evil, but only the Catholic Church has remained steadfast in this teaching for over 2000 years, and she will continue to do so. You can try Ms. Richards, but you will not silence her voice, nor will you silence mine. I have a say.
This blog was written by Deeper Truth contributor, Margie Sindelar

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