Saturday, March 3, 2012

*BEST OF DTB #147* Wow! What an amazing resource!

I don't make it a habit of promoting products on our blogsite but I have to make an exception here. The Faith Database is an amazing resource.

The database can be loaded onto your computer or your PDA.

There are over 1500 searchable resource works on the software including 10 Bible versions including the Latin Vulgate, the Greek interlinear, the Douai Rheems, the Revised Standard version and the King James version.

Scores of historical information, Councils, encyclicals, doctors of the church, The Summa, Augustine's Confessions, artwork, Apologetics etc...

For about $50, this thing is the mother of all Catholic resources. There are a number of places it can be purchased on line. We will be promoting it on the front page of our Website!

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