Saturday, March 3, 2012

*Best OF DTB #146* Contraception??

I have been watching the news regarding Sarah Fluke.  If you are not sure who she is, she has made headlines lately speaking before a congressional commitee about her mission to make sure that we Americans make sure that we can pay for her contraception via Obamacare. Her contention Is that she currently matriculates at a  54,000 a year institution and she simply cannot afford it. The institution is Georgetown University Law School, which is a Catholic University.

This is NOT about her being able to afford/not afford contraception. This is about making the Catholic Church pay for something that is against their view. This is an end around to force the church to openly make birth control available.  Ms. Fluke is a shill for the pro choice crowd and all their ilk.

 I have decided to express my views on this subject.
I believe that you CHOOSE whether or not to have sex.  It is a personal decision that every individual makes. If you cannot afford it or the consequences of it, then…don't engage in sexual activity. Ms. Fluke is smart enough to get into Georgetown law School, but is not smart enough to figure out a way to pay for her contraception?

I worked at a Catholic hospital in New Jersey. Part of my health benefit was that we could fill our prescriptions at the hospital, it was convenient and the co-pays were the same as going to a retail pharmacy. Since it was a catholic hospital we weren't allowed to fill birth control prescriptions, UNLESS the doctor deemed it medically necessary.  The doctor had to clearly state on the prescription that is was indeed medically necessary. So those that claim that they NEED their birth control due to heavy periods, endometriosis or what have you, will NOT be eligible to receive their birth control  at a Catholic Institution are just misinformed.

I have seen people get turned down for their birth control and be told that you just have to have the doctor write on the script, "medically necessary". They return, with the script and the words added. The doctors are knowingly participating in fraud.  Hey, it's the only way it will be filled at a catholic institution so whats the harm??

This is not about Ms. Fluke and her inability to pay for her birth control. This is about Ms. Fluke being a spokesperson for the pro choice agenda.  This is about the current Washington Administration being openly hostile to the Catholic Church and all of her believers.

~Tamara Benko

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