Friday, March 16, 2012

Trinity debate today

The long awaited first debate in our upcoming series is at hand. The debate on the doctrine of the Trinity.

Here are the pertinent details;

The debate kicks off at 8:00 PM Eastern time.

It can be heard right here. The call-in number is 646-595-2071 but calls will not be taken during the debate but possibly after- tome permitting.

Interested parties are encouraged to participate in the chat room but to do so you will have to set up a free account at Blogtalkradio.

John Benko will be arguing in the affirmative. John describes himself as a fully orthodox and unapologetic member of the Catholic church. George Lujack will be arguing in the negative. George describes himself as a non-denominational Judeo-Christian who is not a confirmed member of any church but finds himself most closely aligned with the United Church of God.

Jimmy Z will be the moderator. Jimmy Z is a conservative, non-catholic christian who can be heard daily on the Jimmy Z show.

The show will begin with Jimmy Z's opening remarks, followed by the debate.

John's opening statement will be first, up to 10 minutes in length.
George will follow with a rebuttal, up to 5 minutes.
Then, George's opening statement and John's rebuttal.

Following this will be a 20 minute, moderator led, question and answer period. The moderator has received in advance 5 potential questions from each debater. Each debater is unaware of the questions submitted by the other person. The moderator has full discretion to choose among these questions, questions posed in the chat room or simply ask questions himself or allow questions between the debaters. The moderator alone has this discretion.

Following the question/answer session, John will give a 5 minute closing statement, followed by George giving a 5 minute closing statement.

We may follow with audience calls after that.

Donald Hartley will be operating the switchboard.

The rules are simple and straightforward.
  • No talk-over. Each person speaks in turn, without interruption.
  • No abusive, profane or vulgar language. No Ad hominem attacks.
  • Stick to the subject. Peripheral arguments allowed only if germane to the topic. Moderator's discretion.
  • Stay within time. Moderator will give a 30 second warning.

We hope you enjoy the debate!

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