Friday, March 23, 2012

Mary's "other children" and other doctrines- The Debate

Tonight is the second debate of our 10 debate series. On this one, we will talk about some of the Catholic doctrines regarding Mary, with particular focus on Her perpetual virginity. No, Mary did not have other children after Jesus.

The show starts at 8:00 PM Eastern time, Right here. Remember to register for a free Blog Talk Radio account if you wish to chat in the caht room.

The call-in number is 646-595-2071. We will try to take calls later in the program.

The debate will, once again, by modearted by Jimmy Z of the Jimmy Z show
and will follow roughly the same format as last time, with some minor changes.

  1. Jimmy Z's opening remarks.

  2. George Lujack opening statement (up to 10 minutes)

  3. John Benko rebuttal (up to 5 minutes)

  4. John Benko opening statement.

  5. George Lujack Rebuttal

  6. Moderator question and answer session. (Up to 20 minutes)

  7. George Lujack closing remarks.

  8. John Benko closing remarks.

  9. Audience questions, if applicable not to be taken until after closing remarks. Limit 1 question with a follow-up if needed.

Once again, Jimmy Z will choose questions from among those pre-submitted.

Here is the link for the show notes, which will be active at show time.

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