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The Catholic Defender lasso's a Druid, Witchcraft

(Editors note) February is my last month in the United States Army as I will retire after 26 years. The Month of February I am posting some of my earlier articles that have a Military background.

This particular story is in honor of our guest next Friday. Please keep watch for the time of next Friday's show. You will not want to miss it. Our guest next week has her story following this article "An Amazing Conversion Story".

We are just a couple of days from Halloween and I really wanted to write something for this time of year.
So much of our effort at this time concerns Halloween, yet "All Saint's Day" and "All Soul's Day" becomes more of an after thought.

Strangely, this year Halloween falls on a Sunday and I expect the Catholic Church will celebrate All Saints Day this Sunday as well. Since I am lectoring this Sunday at Mass I better find out!

The following took place in Iraq in August 2007.

The Coven of Witches would meet on Fridays at the very Chapel we had Mass? I was invited to go to a meeting by an acquaintance (a former Catholic) I met from the Wiccan service. I reported this on Steve Ray's Web site "Defender's of the Catholic Faith" (DCL) message board. The thread is "The Catholic Defender in Kuwait/Iraq).

(10 August 2007)
Tonight I sat in on a Wiccan meeting. I was invited to come by members last week. I sat in as one of them spoke on the gods of Babylon and their world of creation. They were very hospitable towards me. There were 18 people involved tonight and they ranged from several different groups. I did ask them at the end of their gathering, 4 basic questions:

1. Do you feel that you were born a witch?

The response was mixed, but most of them believe they were born a witch. In the discussion that followed the consensus was that most of them were raised Christians but they felt when they became witches, this was what they were suppose to be. They had to discover who they were.

Some felt that it was a process of discovery due to their former life, reincarnation, that each life develops and has issues with problems associated in the past life. The better the life, the better the next life and the better understanding in that next life.

2. Do you believe you will become gods like the ones you serve.?

The response was general, they believed they would achieve divine status and have their own world. They all felt that way.

3. Do you have spells specific to Latin?

The response was a huge yes, one of them went to college and majored in Latin. He said that Latin was important to him in his spells. They believe that spells have power, they can do allot with spells. They all claimed to work spells.

4. What part did Harry Potter play in your becoming a witch?

The response was that Harry Potter and other outlets opened the door to them to help them realize their full potential in learning who they were. Discovering that they were witches was a learned event and so HP plays a part so as to help a person find who they are. HP might lead some to investigate witchcraft so they would call or check out Wiccan web-sites.
One person openly stated he hated Harry Potter.

As I listened to them, not only would HP and other outlets might play a part, but I wondered about those who might be abused by their parents. Maybe their parents faced a divorce, broken families. Maybe they were outcasts growing up, not getting involved with school activities, a loner. There might be a number of supporting issues that play a part.

I told them that I was a Catholic and that as an ambassador for Christ. I recognize that Christ is true God and true man. That He truly rose from the dead. That as a Christian, we are called to show our Lord through the lives we live. If anyone called a christian condemned you, persecuted you, I asked for their forgiveness. I think they were really shocked by that. They all opened up to me and shook my hand. I was even given a military coin by them. It was positive in that I was not there to condemn or judge them, but to love them. I hope to develop relationships there so I can show them Christ is the one true God.

The coin I recieved from the group was clearly one of witchcraft. It had several Occult images on this and so I felt odd taking it. After I posted this on the messageboard, one of my friends on the board encouraged me to take it and have it blessed with holy water. I told him that was a good point. The next time I was back down to the Division Chapel, I took the coin with me to have it blessed by Father in holy water. When Father poured out holy water in his font, I placed the coin in the font. That's when it vanished from our sight, it was nowhere to be found. That freaked us both out. To this day, it is gone! I guess it got mad at me? The next part of this story takes place two days later:
(12 August 2007)
Tonight as I sat down to dinner, I noticed one of the Wiccan's that was in the Friday night circle. I continued to eat when I noticed he recognized me. He quickly grabbed his things and sat in front of me as to be able to talk across the table. I was glad that he did so. He was the former Catholic and so I particularly looked for the opportunity to talk with him. I could be more open with him in an open environment. He was very happy to see me. We talked for about 25 minutes until we took it outside and talked more at a picnic table.

He explained that he was a Druid, not a Wiccan, but in their inner circle there were Wiccans and other groups, even Satanists. He identified himself as a Classical Pagan, he said Wiccans were neo-pagans. He told me that many he knew were enlightened by Harry Potter to become witches, others had other influences. I asked him why Harry Potter was so influential to the witchcraft lodge. He said it is because in fantasy, it supports many of their basic beliefs. I told him that there are some who are trying to Christianize Harry Potter. With that he laughed and thought it was funny to think so.

I had to head toward the Troop Medical Clinic (TMC) to give Anthrax Vaccinations so I had to go, but tomorrow night, I'm meeting with him to talk about the Catholic Faith with him. He was willing to do so for the knowledge he can receive. I will show him the Conversion story of Father Calloway. I am really hopeful. Please pray for our success regardless how you feel about Harry Potter.

We spent about three hours this night discussing the truths of the Catholic Faith. I went all the way back to Adam and Eve, the Old Testament Covenants, the prophecies that relate to the Messiah. What was important to me was to show that Christ is not just another god, but that He is the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. That we believe in One God in three Divine Persons. That can be a tough sell for someone who is struggling to understand their faith. He invited me to come back and talk with him the following night. This would be the last time because he was preparing to redeploy back to the United States later that night.

(13 August 2007)
I had my meeting with the Wiccan tonight, we talked for about 1 1/2 hours discussing witchcraft and the Church. By nights end, he was lead to recognize the Resurrection. I explained to him the fact that the Old Testament is really a period of Covenants God makes with man kind. Adam is a Covenant of marriage, Noah is a Covenant of family, Abraham is a tribal Covenant, and Moses is a kingdom Covenant uniting all the tribes in a single nation. Jesus establishes a world wide Covenant, a Catholic Covenant. I also shared that Jesus fulfils in one human lifetime, the prophecies that concerns Him.

There were several prophets in the span of centuries that are fulfilled in one human life. He was deeply impressed with this knowledge. I also showed him that in the New Testament, we have a New and everlasting Covenant in the Blood of Christ. We renew the Covenant with Him when we go to Communion. I shared with him the Miracle of Lanciano and the Shroud of Turin. He gave me his AKO account so we can keep in contact as he leaves Iraq to go back home tomorrow. I hope I was able to plant seeds that will help him come home.

May God bring home the prodigals no matter how far they drift!

Jesus told St. Faustina that the greater the sinner the more deserving of His Divine Mercy.

I gave a talk to a group in Canyon Texas just outside of Amarillo at St. Anne's Catholic Church.

I asked the group, "how many of you know someone or have family members who have left the Church"?

Just about everyone raised their hand. If we were handling this as a disease, this would be an epidemic.

Let is pray for those who have gone the way of the prodical. God is in control!!!

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