Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Catholic Defender: The Daisy Award

Each month in numerous hospitals and medical facilities around the country, Award recipients are chosen by their nurse administrators, peers, physicians, patients and families to receive:
  • A handsomely presented Certificate, proclaiming her or him an "Extraordinary Nurse"

  • A DAISY Award pin (Nurses love to wear pins on their I.D. badges!)

  • A unique, hand-carved Shona stone sculpture, entitled "A Healer's Touch"

The following is from one of my Soldiers who was given this award. SGT Curtis is pictured in the middle, all three of these Soldiers performed valiantly in Iraq.

So I have been getting congrats for my award. People wanted to know why I received it. I found out i was nominated weeks ago but had know idea why until the ceremony.

Many nurses and medical personnel were nominated but it goes through a panel of judges and is voted for by meeting a certain criteria in patient care.... so I will enlighten you all.

Months ago an elderly patient came into the Emergency room at Walter Reed Army medical center.

The patient was rushed into have a CT scan and it was clear that she had an acute brain bleed that was nearly unstoppable. In situations such as this it comes a time where you find yourself treating the grieving family more than the patient. During the patients stay I tried to make the family as comfortable as possible.

I visited with them every day and gave them someone to talk to and confide in during a very hard time.

I even came in when I was not scheduled to work to make sure the family was doing ok. Anyway I guess I made an impression on the family and the medical staff in the Intensive Care Unit.

I won the DAISY award which was established in 2000 by a family who received care for their loved one who was dying of an incurable disease.

It was named DAISY because it stands for Diseases Against Immune Systems. I became the first "ENLISTED" soldier to ever win it in the history of the DAISY award.

I thank everyone for the support who helped me win it. I am humbled and honored.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate SGT Curtis for a job well done. I first received this Soldier when he was a PFC and he had done very well as he is on fast track for promotion to SSG. He is awaiting for another award I have that is soon coming for his saving the life of our Battalion Commander getting him to higher medical support. The Bronze Star for Valor! SGT Curtis, always remember to keep your weapon (rosary) on you at all times!

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