Sunday, February 6, 2011

*BEST OF DTB #55* An open letter to our followers

Dear follower of Deeper Truth Blog,
When I tell you that myself, and the other contributors to this website are deeply humbled by your support and interest, it is no idle boast.

To God be the glory. We are happy merely to be His unworthy servants. Please do not ever make the mistake of believing that we are any holier than you, in any less need of the Grace of Almighty God.

If we posses some bit of knowledge of the truths of Jesus that lead you forward on your journey, of course we are happy about this. Yet, this is not of any credit to us. If the Good Lord has chosen to entrust us with this Spiritual gem or that, it was for His glory and for the edification of His body, the Church.

With a profound sense humility,we offer you what has been given to us freely- that which we could never possibly repay. We offer you the counsel of personal experience that has led us to the sure and certain knowledge that any life that is not a God-centered life is one of futility.

It is not enough to know OF God. Even the demons know this much (James 2:19). Yet, it is not enough, either to say you know Jesus and follow Him, even as you revile His Church. Jesus built the Catholic Church upon the Rock of Peter and it remains His singular vessal of salvation.

Make no mistake, there is not one drop of Grace, dispensed for Salvation that is not dispensed through the Roman Catholic Church. This is not to say that it is impossible for a non-Catholic to be saved, it merely upholds the truth that even those who are saved that, through no fault of their own, cannot find their way all the way home to the Catholic Church, are saved through the Catholic Church.

Between leading a brother or sister back to Catholicism, or not doing so, it is obviously preferable to do so. If we can be even a tiny part of that faith journey, we give glory to God for allowing us to have done so.

In my life, I am what you would call a back-slider. A man placed on the right road that had to learn how to overcome his own addictive, self destructive, unreasoning will. I have had a very unique ability to make things far more difficult on myself than they needed to be and, as a result, brought needless suffering to many people- including those I love. I carry a deep sorrow and regret for these transgressions, not just for the consequences they brought, or even for the consequences they would eventually have brought should they not have ceased (hellfire).

My greatest regret is that these were sins against Love and against He who IS Love.

That I have moved from mere attrition to contrition does indicate progress on my journey but, even in this, I must guard against the sin of pride. If I am contrite it is not of me. It is God who convicts, God who leads to repentance, God who forgives and God who heals. (I have some ways to go in this last category). If I am contrite, it is only because I have cause to be. It is of no credit to me. To tell you the truth, if God were to hit me with the full force of my lifetime of sin, with the full weight of my debt to Him, how could I stand?

The suffering and death Our Lord endured for us- Could I drink of that cup? Could you? I shudder to think that my way to salvation would require such a walk. Could I survive even the scourging? No, not a chance.

We, as contributors to Deeper Truth, stand in awe of what Jesus did for us and fight the daily battle between presumption and scrupulosity, ever mindful of the enemy, ever reaching toward the King. We are profoundly grateful that you take time to examine what we produce and will always to to produce that which is worthy of your high expectations.

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