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The Catholic Defender: More Rosary Patrol Miracles

My time in Iraq was filled with prayer, I was given so much by so many.

These stories are intended to inspire you as God does answer prayer and he does work miracles. Sometimes we do not always understand the outcome.

Sometimes the Lord may say no. We can always approach Our Lord in confidence as a child.

If anyone out there has a story they would like to share, please let me know. God is so good

On 30 October, 2009 this request was given:

Would you add baby Rylee to your intentions this next 30 days. I posted about it in another thread.

I responded just a short time later:

Most certainly, thank you for remembering us here!!! May the Lord who is the true Physician bring healing into this family and baby Rylee. I believe in the power of prayer and the power of the Rosary. All of this in accordance to God's Holy Will!

On 2 Nov, All Souls Day, I received the following response:

Thanks for asking about Rylee. The last update I have is from Saturday. My friend visited them Saturday morning. She said that Rylee is still in ICU. Her brain swelling is going down, which they want. She will remain in the drug-induced coma to help her brain rest as much as possible. Surgery to repair her skill will eventually bet he goal, but that date won't be set for some time.

In addition to Rylee, will you add her mother, Robin to that prayer list. Because there is a head injury, DFCS/social services investigates. Robin has been through 2 interviews with them so far. Besides worrying about the health of her newborn, she now has fears that DFCS will take her older child from her because of this. She worries that they'll go to her house when she's not there and take her older daughter away. She feels a gut-wrenching amoutn of guilt. Please pray that God takes this pain away from Robin...she is going to hold on to it because she feels so guilty.

I will keep you updated as to Rylee's condition.. as well as how mom is coping.

Thank you for your prayers.

My response:

Thanks, that has to be a tough burden to bear, and I don't have much use for child services. Sometimes they look for excuses to give reason for their jobs. A lot of innocent families have been targeted by them.

And another prayer issue the Rosary Patrol was praying about:

New update about the helicopter crash, the Doctors are finding that our Soldiers brother is doing ok, they may release him in 24 hours. His buddy does have a Fractured Spine, but he is able to move his fingers and toes. Please keep him in your prayers!!!

I received the following post on 4 Nov:

I will definitely add Fr. Wood and PFC Autry to my prayer list. Speaking of prayer lists, an update on Rylee is that it has been confirmed that she has a blood clot in her brain. They took her off the ventilator this morning, but she didn't do well. She's stable right now. The first goal is to get her out of the drug-induced coma, then deal deal with the blood clot. Please keep the family in your prayers.

eta: another update as of Wednesday late afternoon - Rylee is off the ventilator, off of sedation and her mom is holding her!!!! The CAT scan is also showing that the blood clot is dissolving! God is working a miracle before our eyes! Thank you so much for your prayers!

I responded:

That is awesome!!! The Rosary Patrol will continue through November!!! That is amazing, I will have to tell Gigi!!!! Kind of reminds me of our gunshot victim! He's doing great also!!! And your Daughter's arm too!! God is soooo good!

The people involved in the helicopter crash seems to be doing better even as more information come out about the accident. The Brother does have spinal injury and has a cast for him, but he is expected to recover. That is good news as well as his crew mate.

I received this news on 5 Nov:

Praise God!!!!

I have even more news on Riley. Here is an update from her Mom that that was written late last night and in my inbox this morning:

Rylee is on the road to recovery, miracles do happen and this is definitely

Yesterday, Tuesday had some of the darkest moments of this entire ordeal and

at the end of the day there was light.

With the discovery of the bleeding and other complications we were informed
by the nursing staff that Rylee was going to remain in ICU for some time
maybe weeks and we should start to select the nurses we liked to oversee her

care, the situation seemed to be worsening. This was not what the Doctors
had forecasted.

As we were trying to wrap our heads around what we needed to do to care for
Rylee the end of the day brought positive change. As the evening went on so
did her improvements, to the point of amazing the Doctors and Nursing staff.

Today Wednesday she is off most of her medication, breathing tubes etc. She
spent the night wide awake not sleeping the entire night.

After meeting with the Doctors today the blood on the brain is shrinking,
meaning is has stopped and they said the body will start to break it down
and it will vanish.

As it stands now if she eats well tomorrow and her blood pressure gets under
control they are going to move her out of
ICU into a regular room for a few days just for monitoring and then

Thank You everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

My response:

Please send the family the continued prayers from the Rosary Patrol in Iraq!!! This is good news. I even shared this with our Company Commander. Is this Family part of your Parish?

Another post:

The family is not part of my parish. In fact, the neighbor who is my friend through a faith-sharing women's group at my parish, is not even a member of my parish. Sue is a member of Seekers, a faith-sharing women's group, that meets at my parish every Wednesday morning. Sue is a member of another nearby Catholic Church but her good friend leads our Seekers group. Robin, the mother of Rylee, is neighbors with Sue. Sue is an absolutely WONDERFUL young woman who definitely shines Christ's light. Speaking of Sue, I'd like to add her and her family to your intentions next month. She has a daughter who has severe allergies... to gluten of all things and thankfully when it was time for her to receive her First Holy Communion, someone in Seekers told Sue to just pray about her daughter receiving. Sue was despairing because her daughter's whole life has been spent where she is "special" because of her dietary needs and she was so upset that there was a possibility that she wouldn't be able to receive Jesus. She prayed and prayed that her daughter would not be "excluded" from receiving the Eucharist. Her prayers were answered shortly before her daughter was supposed to receive her First Holy Communion. She received a call where she learned that there was a nun who spent all night on a recipe for gluten-free hosts... and it was finally ready... and in time for Elizabeth to receive her First Holy Communion. It was truly a miracle... and Elizabeth has been able to receive Communion ever since. Praise God. So, next month, I'd love it if you'd add them to the Rosary Patrol Prayer intentions.

I responded on 6 November, you might recall an incident that happened at Ft. Hood:

Today, I had the opportunity to teach another Soldier how to pray the Rosary, it was their first time and it went very well. We dedicated the Rosary for the situation at Ft. Hood.

I know that Gigi for one will be exhausted as she got home after 1200 midnight and had to be back by 0700 this morning. The more I am finding out the more this was an act of terrorism.

This was posted to me on 6 Nov about Baby Rylee:

I have another Rylee update - it is much needed, I think.

My friend, Sue visited Rylee at the hospital yesterday. Robin, the mom, was cradling Robin her arms feeding her a bottle. She was wide awake, alert and even gave out a nice big burp. Her bandages were off of her head and her wounds from the attempted surgery are large but healing. She said it is a drastic change from Tuesday when the nurses didn't leave Rylee's side for five hours, her parents were asked to stay outside of the room, Rylee had turned blue, and the doctors were preparing them for a few more weeks in ICU. The improvements she's made are truly miraculous. They are moving to a regular patient room and both Mom and especially Dad see God's hand in this. Robin made a point to tell my friend that she was blessing her with holy water.

To the Rosary Patrol, thank you for your prayers. You are part of this miracle!

I was happy to respond:

That is awesome news, I'm glad that Baby Rylee continues to improve. Sounds like Mom is doing better too, what a terrible ordeal this has been. If their faith is stronger through this, that is the miracle God was wanting!!!

On 11 Nov I received further news:

Yes, I do have an update. Rylee is HOME!!! She began to have seizures over the weekend, but that was expected. She's taking two medications to regulate them and doctors feel she can be home for now. Discussions about surgery on her skull will take place after awhile.

So... great news! Thank you for all of your prayers. The family i sever so grateful and appreciative! Bless you all!

I also received this post from another Defender of the Catholic faith:

What a wonderful confirmation and consolation for the Rosary Patrol... Thank you for all the recent inspiring postings and pictures, answered prayers and new requests...May Our Lord continue to use you for His Glory. May Our Blessed Mother continue to watch over you and yours.

I posted this on 23 Nov:

The following is a note from one of our Soldiers wanting to give an update concerning his Brother whom we have been praying for:

"My little brother Ashley, is recuperating after a helicopter crash in his home with his family in Jackson Missouri. The crash happened 3 weeks ago, 80 miles off the coast of Creole, Louisiana. Ashley has some cracked ribs, crushed vertebre, and little self-esteem as he is a proud pilot. confident in his flight skills. I spoke with him on the phone for over an hour a few days ago. I hadn't spoken with him for that long in over 10 years, so that was quite a treat for me. Ashley is wearing a back brace and is being weaned off the medication he has to take. An investigation of the crash cleared Ashley of any error or wrongdoing, so that was a load off his shoulders and emotionally uplifting. Still in some pain, he is still resting and feeling better each day. Please keep praying for him and thanks to everyone for their prayers they have already said. Prayer is powerful as evidenced by this true story of survival and healing. Thank you and all the best"!

I want to echo this as well, thank you all for your continued prayers for all the Rosary Patrol dedication
s!!! God bless!

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