Thursday, February 3, 2011

*BEST OF DTB #53* Someone Special?

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Following on from last weeks theme Hero. For those who haven't yet had a peek at the article, don't miss it! Click on the link & enjoy the realization.
So, who's Special? We are!
John Paul 2 left to all of us, something we need to come back to again & again, because, a longing arises deep within to truly be Great. To leave that Legacy, to make a Difference. Just because we were made to! There is no pride in this & no self loathing. Only Truth.
"... it is only in Jesus, God Made Man, that you will fully understand what You are. He will unveil to you the True Greatness of yourselves ... that you are Redeemed by Him & taken up in His Love... that you are made truly free in Him, in Him Who said about Himself: If the Son frees you, you will be free indeed!"[youtube=]
"Enjoy the privileges of your youth: The right to be dynamic, creative & spontaneous! The right to be full of Hope & Joy! ...& above all, the chance to give of yourself to others in generous & joyful service... I leave you now with this prayer: that the Lord Jesus will reveal Himself to each one of you, That He will give you the strength to go out & profess that you are Christian. That He will show you, that He Alone can fill your hearts. Accept His freedom & then praise His Truth, & be messengers of the certainty that you have been truly liberated, through the death & resurrection of the Lord Jesus This will be the new experience, the powerful experience that will generate through you a more just society & a better world. God bless you!"
"Make Jesus always part of your hunger..." J.P.2

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