Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Catholic Defender: The Catholic Church under Attack

This video is important to show because it shows that the Catholic Church is under attack first by the modernists who have taken over much of our higher place of learning such as Notre Dame.

The Progressives seek to infiltrate the Church from within. The following is a video that shows how the gay agenda seeks to work undercover subverting the Word of God.

The Catholic Church is under attack as is the family.

The radical left use Marxist, Communist techniques of infiltration to destroy their enemies from within.

These enemies of Christ love to see the Church investigated for sexual impropriety. They seek to bring the Church of Christ to it's knees before the world. Note the following:

The response for the faithful Catholic is to take back the ground taken by the Progressives. We need to get behind the Pope and pray for him. We need to get behind Bishops in union with him at the grass roots level.

We need to ensure that all Priests and religious are given security background checks, that all who enter any seminary have the ability to renounce the Gay Agenda and to restore conservative traditional values. We can police much of this from within.

Prayer has to be the strength of what we do, but action has to accompany it. The Laity sometimes must help support the Priesthood to help keep it clean. It is from the family that we receive Priests.

Before I sponsor a Seminarian, I want to make sure that he has the right heart for what his calling may be. If there is any doubt, he does not make the grade, then we need to know why. If it is because of a Liberal Seminary, that needs to be exposed.

Only Seminaries that is solidly behind the Pope should we send good men to the seminary. There are far more great men such as Father Cropi and Father Calloway than those who push the progressive agenda such as Father Jenkins.

From here on out, I say that when a Priest has done wrong, that the attention and the scandal go right back at the Pro-Homosexual organizations that planted the problem.

If a Priest has done wrong, that those responsible for that man in sending him to the priesthood to infiltrate it, they pay for the restitution. That is who we should go after, not the faithful rank and file of Catholics going to Mass!

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