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God's Girl: The Ten Commandments - Meditation

The Ten Commandments – Meditation

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I thought it a good idea to offer you some form of meditation on the Ten Commandments. Meditate on them prayerfully and let God do the work in you.

I use them and encourage you to come and get to know them from the heart perspective and not from a legal standpoint (these are not exhaustive meditations):

Deuteronomy 5:6-21 and Exodus 20: 2-17

First Commandment: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul; have no other gods before me: This is basically putting God first, your wife second, children third and you last. Study your faith so that all your faculties heart, mind and soul “Glorify the greatness of the Lord”. In today’s world this applies even more so. We must cling to God in all things because He Loves faithfulness and obedience and greatly blesses it…”Love, love changes everything…Life has meaning… Praise His Name… Out into the world you go…giving Glory to the Father…”

Second Commandment: Do not use the Lord’s name in vain: If you think about this one, using anybodies name in the wrong light is, at the least disrespectful. Now let us talk about God, then it is unholy. We are putting God first in our lives we need to live it through relationship with Him. We need to speak it through in our lives so that we may reflect the beauty, goodness and truth of God.

Third Commandment: Keep Holy the Sabbath: Putting God first in our lives means that the work we do is honouring Him too. Putting aside one day out of the week to truly worship God in all things – that celebration at mass/church service – that relationship that we have found with Him…and then going through the rest of the week with that same intention to give all things to God, that all things give glory to God because he has made it such.

Fourth Commandment: Honour your father and mother: We catch the faith from our parents (even if they do not teach it, then we do not catch it… but we still catch it) they have a special place in our lives because they chose to bring us into this world and be a reflection of God to us. We need to honour that as well by respecting them, we then share that honour with God because we are made in His image and likeness. This is the one commandment with a promise…that all may go well with you in the land (that God has given you) food for thought…good!

Fifth Commandment: You shall not kill: Whether it is in our words or physically, if up to now in the commandments we have not got some flavor of God that he is both loving and merciful, then we need to check our filters (often); taking a life in whatever manner does not make sense because God is both loving and merciful. Just because we do not understand it does not justify our actions…we need to give of ourselves more, seek faith more, pray more…

Sixth commandment: You Shall not commit adultery: This ties in with the first commandment, abandon your First Love and all hell will break lose. Just look at the attack/damage on and in family…turn your heart to God and He will turn to you. Our spouses and children are a blessing let us give them back to God as such and look after them…the other side to this is do not think marriage will change you if you have behaved differently before you got married. What you bring into the marriage in your behavior and thinking will get magnified, as we are now dealing with a sacrament…and God will not be mocked. Learn what God pours out when we are faithful to Him and to the people he gives us.

Seventh Commandment: You shall not steal: Mmmmm….if God is not first on our hearts then we put ourselves there, we then need to satisfy those desires that we think are worth pursuing…we realize it becomes a spiral away from God…let us capture those thoughts/deeds that seek to turn us away from God/life and give Him the seed offerings…stand back and watch what happens!

Eighth Commandment: Did I bear false witness against my neighbour: Oh what a trap the tongue can be when our heart, mind and soul are not in unison with the one we Love – we start tearing down others around us to make us look greater, instead we fall further…a kingdom divided falls and what a mighty fall that is…we are here to build each other up to seek and enjoy the eternal abundances (in this life and the next) that God has for us….and they are there.

Ninth Commandment:You shall not covet (look lustfully) at your neighbour’s wife: The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his eyes; if they are not held in “custard” (as my niece would say) we have a lot of work ahead of us. Confront those lustful struggles (we all have them) but do not just confront them meditate on the words of God on trust, gratitude, love…replace those thoughts with pure thoughts (daily)…Este Vir! Be a Man.

Tenth commandment: Do not covet your neighbour’s goods? I think by now you have discovered what I have, idolatry has many forms. Having a materialistic view is a good thing gone wrong. The Church and business work together for the kingdom of God, the love of money does not. The emphasis is on the intention. We love money more than Love itself… eish…we have got more work ahead of us than we thought! Be not afraid…perfect love casts out all fear. We need to be willing to trust God with everything for the blessings are 30, 60, 100-fold, if we do.

The ultimate end union with God…

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