Monday, February 14, 2011

Stand your ground, defend what's right, never give up

The events in Egypt have brought something back into sharp focus- it is only right that a repressed people yearns to be free.

However, the oppression of Mubarik was nothing in comparison to the oppression of the Iraqi people at the hands of Saddam Hussein.

Thank God for the courage, compassion, vision and perseverance of George W Bush. In the face of venomous attacks that can only be described as psychotically irrational, W stood his ground.

Well they aren't marching now. They aren't protesting now. They aren't carrying Hitler signs now.

In fact, some of the very people who pilloried Bush then, are now trying to claim the credit for his monumental achievement- a free Iraq. All the venom we endured at the hands of the coalition of the unhinged was worth it because we were right and they were wrong and history has borne this out to their shame and humiliation.

George W Bush is a modern day hero and an example for us all. A man who stood tall, with compassion and grace when all around him were baying hounds and howling wolves. America has woken up and begun the process of extricating those people from our government.

George W Bush's brother Jeb recently converted to the Catholic faith. Rumor is that W will soon. This is a man of profound decency and compassion with what Democrat Zell Miller called a spine of tempered steel. It was an honor to be an American during his Presidency.

He showed us all how to look beyond the present tempest and see freedom and justice on the other side. God Bless you George.

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