Monday, February 7, 2011

The Catholic Defender: My thoughts of the O'Reily/ President Obama interview

Bill O'Reily's interview with President Obama was revealing in the silence of the moral issue of our time.

14 Trillion dollars in debt, owing China more than 800 billion dollars is not in America's interest.

All these special interest groups continue to push for all kinds of agendas.

Why does the Government pay for abortions? Bill O'Reily, I love ya Brother, the Factor has done much good over the years. I will tell you that unborn children are not potentially human beings, rather unborn children are human beings with much potential.

Why does the Government spend millions of tax dollars to give to Planned Parenthood?

Why does the Government pay millions of dollars to give to NPR who has a left wing agenda?

Why does the Government fund The National Endowment of the Arts when they attack the Christians without retribution?

Let these entities compete in the public market!

Why is this Government supported by the ACLU and other liberal entities who strive to take Christ out of public life.

Why should America pay for a Health Care System that would place our Grandchildren in debt?

It does not offer a better system other than another government bureaucracy.

This will lead to further problems potentially rationed care?

Canada has tried this and it might be good for minor issues, but heaven help you if you need critical care and if you happen to be over 65.

How do they explain the millions of dollars given to porn stars, to dead people, to felons, none of this makes sense.

It is only when we get back to our true American values that we make a difference.

People come from all over the world to America because regardless of the secularism going wild, we still hold to core Christian beliefs.

That is until this present administration opened to door to the gay agenda. No telling how much we have spent on treating Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Now this is scary!

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