Friday, January 25, 2013

*BEST OF DTB #31* The Catholic Defender looks at Abortion

It was 1995, Troop Medical Clinic (TMC) 3, I had just transferred to MEDDAC at Ft. Campbell from the Rakassans, 3/187 Infantry.

I had been with them for nearly 5 years and now I am assigned to the TMC that supported the Rakassans.

That is a world of difference, but it would still be challenging.

One day, a female Soldier comes to my office and wanted to talk to me.

I took her to an exam room where she could talk in privacy.

She took a few moments until, finally, she wanted to talk to me about an abortion she had recently committed.

She was not married; she was having difficulty coping with what she done.

I asked her if she was Catholic and she replied “no”, that she was a member of the Assemblies of God. She told me that she had not been practicing her faith for some time.

I encouraged her to make an appointment with her Pastor, or find her unit’s Chaplain if she needed to speak with a Professional.

I wanted to encourage her to get the kind of help she needed from her spiritual tradition.

That was not the time to discuss religion except that I told her I was Catholic.

I told her that as a representative of Christ, I forgive her for what she did. I think she needed to hear that.

We spoke for a short time but her issue and concern stuck with me for a good while.

I have always been pro-life, politically; I have always supported pro-life Candidates for all elections.

Since that time, I have felt a compassion for those who have had abortions who live with the knowledge they killed their children.

Despair can set in and take control of a young life. There was a national suicide hot line based out of California that reported 45% of those calling them for help were over abortion.

Allot of women are faced with many issues that can make them feel trapped.

Many times it is parents who are pressuring them to have abortions; sometimes it is a boy friend or even husband that pressures them.

Sometimes, it is the Mother who wants to end their pregnancies.

I have spoken with women who displayed great courage and dedication giving life to their child. Other times, the child never had a chance.

Since 1973, we have had more than 50,000,000 babies killed by abortion.

We have basically wiped out a generation of people who are not able to speak for themselves; they are forever silent except on that great and glorious day of the Lord. Their voice will be heard then.

In order to change lives, we must also work to change conditions that give women support and encouragement.

Love within the families, having a strong Father and Mother role model is very important.

That is almost counterculture in today’s society as divorce is common, the family unit is under attack, and people are all over the country separated from loved ones.

Children are being raised without Fathers. Many Father’s are not acting responsible towards their children.

In many cases, the Mother is trying to carry the load. Many Father’s do not lead by example.

As a result, many Daughters do not have a healthy image of Fathers or Mothers.

That has made it difficult for them to see God the Father or the Blessed Virgin Mary.

I have been watching some of the debates on FOX News and can't help respond to one of the liberals who appear on there speaking as if women are supportive to abortion as a voting block.

I think the women's vote will be more pro-life than what the NOW Gang care to admit.

Most Americans oppose abortion on demand so depending on who is asking the question, abortion advocates can bend results.

Women's issues will aways need to be front and center, but liberals sugar coat the issues as they compete for tax dollars such as Planned Parenthood.

The Federal Government has paid billions supporting abortion many using this as a birth control.

Millions of woman have fell into this trap, a sad consequence of the sexual revolution, a battlefield where often times women are the casualties.

Where women are made objects and not respected as a child of God.

The answer really is found in Jesus Christ, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

The problem and challenge is getting Christians to follow the Lord living out his teaching.

To heal the family, individuals, we need God's love, forgiveness, and mercy. Love and Compassion does not equal toleration and acceptance.

Heaven intervened when the Virgin Mary appeared to St. Juan Diego in 1531 to stop human sacrifice.

Today, we call upon the Lord and His Mother to end the human sacrifices today.

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