Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Catholic Defender: The Magnificent Seven

Tonight, I kind of had a lazy evening as I was thumbing through the channels looking for something I might want to watch. I stumbled on the beginning of a great movie I had seen so long ago, "The Magnificent Seven".

What a great movie this was. Yul Brenner at his best. The story is about a village in Mexico that was being stalked by bandits.

The bandits would come into the village stealing food and what ever they wanted. The beautiful women were hidden when the bandits came around.

Some of the brave farmers went north into a Texas town and found (Yul Brenner) and sought his help in getting rid of the bandits.

Showing a certain goodness, there was assembled seven men who took up the mission of defending this village from the bandits.

As I watched the movie, you can't help but get to know the characters.

Charles Bronson, one of the good guys, played a half Mexican half Irish gunfighter.

He had an identification with children in the village and became tied to them. These hired gunmen eventually came to respect the bravery of the farmers in this encounter.

The movie ends with the defeat of the bandits, but the Magnificent Seven were themselves changed through the wholesomeness of family and having a firm foundation.

Today the family is under attack, there are many bandits out to steal away the innocence of children.

The bandits threatening our children are not necessarily like the bandits in the movie, today's bandits are not outwardly ruthless, they think they are doing a good service.

When I think of the Magnificent Seven in the movie, I am reminded that we are called to be good guys wearing the white hat.

Whenever I am around others, I want to always present myself in the most positive way.

To be a good example, I do not want to be a stumbling block to anyone but rather a light that inspires interest in the Catholic faith by the way I live my life.

I am reminded of the seven Sacraments that are the real Magnificent Seven.

Through the Sacraments, we receive grace that up-builds the family, the life of a Christian.

Whenever I have been deployed anywhere in the world, I always wanted to represent my Country, to be a good ambassador being a good guy wearing the white hat.

Image has a lot to do with how people perceive the United States.

Because of the melt down of the family, things are not so easy. The bandits in our society are taking a tremendous toll.

The Church is the only source that the Magnificent Seven can be administered.

Whose side are you on? Who is on the Lord's side?

Let us be like the Magnificent Seven and seek to liberate those who are held in bondage.

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