Sunday, January 6, 2013

Coming out of the darkness isn't easy

Today hit my wife and I worse than I thought it would. Maybe it is because we saw Les Miserables yesterday. Our day of misery and blackness was 7 years ago today. Never in our lives did we cry so many tears, never in our lives did we feel so lost.

This is the story of Les Miserables.

That dark night of the soul that puts you on the road to ruin or the road to salvation. That violent, crushing day when each person comes to understand that life is a trial and all the happiness and joy we have always hoped for and will for cannot be found in this place because it is not of this place.

My Merciful Savior, fool that I was, so long I was angry at you and blamed you for what a monster did. Today, I beg your forgiveness, heal us and save us.

All who would pray for us today are appreciated. My darling wife and kids. This video is for you.

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