Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Catholic Defender: HEB

HEB is a grocery store chain here in Texas which does well in supporting the community with comparable prices.

The store where I live is just a couple of minutes away so I usually run up there for my wife when she needs something.

One day, while going through the check out line, I was speaking with a lady who was behind me waiting her turn to check out her purchases.

I struck up a conversation with her on the importance of holding on to our Faith. She agreed with me but from a totally different perspective.

She was raised a Lutheran but had for some time claiming to be non-denominational.

She was huge in talking about the Rapture. Well, we ended up taking the discussion outside where we spoke for an hour in the HEB parking lot.

The Lady was surprised to hear a strong rebuttal from a Catholic.

She became interested in what I was telling her and I invited her to check out our website here at

I was graced to have been there for this Lady and her son received into the Catholic Faith this past Easter Vigil.

I was their Sponsor and what a blessing this was.

Recently her son has been planning to join the Marine Corps and she has high hopes that he might even be interested in looking at the Priesthood.

Today, at Mass, he was serving at the Mass as an Altar Server.

What a great blessing this was to watch the growth of this family in their Catholic Faith.

As we begin Ordinary Time, I am reminded that this season of the Church Calender is not so ordinary.

You never know when the Lord will call you for one of those HEB experiences at the check out line.

The key is being available to do God's will at any time a situation presents itself.

This next coming Easter Vigil will be filled with many stories that will inspire us as many more people will accept Christ in His holy Church.

There is a lot of hunger out there and many people are interested in finding something that is real, something with a strong foundation.

Please continue to pray for the Church, that more people will seek to start a flame. It only takes a spark to get a fire going.

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