Monday, January 21, 2013

Because it is Monday

and we could use more dreams like his

Like I said when I posted this on Facebook, I only catch little side blows of racism. I just have had some looks and comments as I go past with my brood, just enough for my blood to simmer, my sarcasm to unsheath, and an understanding to dawn that I don't have a clue how bad it really can be. I'm very grateful to men and women like Martin Luther King, Jr., so that my family can not only exist, but it can exist in relative peace. Would we Martins be possible in the world my  mother grew up in sixty odd years ago? A world with signs that read, "The sun won't go down on a black man in Acme, Texas"?

I just wonder.
The Martins (with some Godmothers)
at our last trip to the courthouse to adopt more Martins.

All human dreams are imperfect, but I hope one day to live more perfectly the dream my God has in mind for me.

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