Friday, January 4, 2013

An update on the vote

So far, I have received votes from 6 of the 7 full fledged members of DTB (still awaiting Dr. Greg's ballot) and several others.

For Article of the Year 2012, 12 articles were nominated. 10 of the 12 have received at least 1 vote and the top 5 articles are separated by a mere 4 points. This category is a dog fight.

4 persons were nominated for writer of the year, all 4 have received votes. 1 person has broken from the pack a little but the lead is not prohibitive.

Show of the Year is a rout with the first place vote achieving almost as many points as 2nd, 3rd and 4th place combined. 18 different shows have received votes, out of the 21 nominated, but, at this point, the race for the lead is not close.

8 Videos were nominated for video of the year, 6 of the 8 have received votes. A close battle among them all. The video that I assumed would win is running 6th, so that shows what I know. *grin*

Six persons were nominated for person of the year, all six received votes. So, far, it looks like a two-person race but it is still possible one of the others could catch up. #1 and #2 separated by just 1 point.

You still have time...but not much time. Vote now.

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