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* BEST OF DTB #248* 2012 Awards- the winners.

Here are the winners of the year 2012 for Deepertruthblog.

In the category of Article of the year, 12 different articles were nominated. 10 of the 12 received votes in this category. Before I announce the article that Deepertruthblog members and fans voted #1, let me just say that the article that received the most internet traffic this year was The Sign by Donald Hartley.

Quickly reviewing the nominees;

The four persons (John Benko)
Mary Debate show notes (John Benko)
The Fourth Oracle of Balaam (Donald Hartley)
Pro-life reflections on the last words of Jesus (Margie Prox Sindelar)
The Case for April 3rd, 33 AD (John Benko)
Immaculate Conception Debate show notes (John Benko)
Peter is the Rock debate show notes (John Benko)
Confirmation: The seal of the Holy Spirit (Donald Hartley)
The great commission (Donald Hartley)
The Sign (Donald Hartley)
Seven Quick takes in the garden (Christie Martin)
Repentance, forgiveness, penance (Donald Hartley)

and the 2012 Article winner is Pro-life reflections on the last words of Jesus (Margie Prox Sindelar)

Under the category of writer of the year, there were 4 nominees who each wrote at least 2 articles in 2012. They are Don Hartley, John Benko, Christie Martin and Margie Prox Sindelar. Each one of the 4 received votes.

You voted, as your 2012 award winner for writer of the year John Benko

In the Category of show of the year, 21 shows were nominated and 18 received votes. It should be noted that the most trafficked show of the ones nominated was Tragedy in Connecticut and Our Lady of the Snows was second.

Once again, the nominees were;

Alleged idolatry debate
Peter is the Rock debate
25 reasons why you can bet your eternal soul on Catholicism
Convert Steve Ray
Justification: Catholic vs Protestant
Martin family joins the rosary
Does your worship look like this?
Sola Fide debate
Science tests faith
Return from Notre Dame
Saints and the Garden of God
Andrea's song
Richard Lane
The mind of the Church on the Novus Ordo
Rome Trip Recap
Our Lady of Guadalupe special
Tragedy in Connecticut/ Refuting "Living Waters" etc.
Our Lady of the Snows
Why does the world have to end on our anniversaries?
The Christmas Rosary
Christmas shock from Medjugorje

The winner, in a runaway, among the voters was Convert Steve Ray

Under video of the year, the following 8 videos were nominated;

 Opening of Easter Vigil Mass from the National Shrine
TOP 10
Typology sub-segment (great in stereo)
Polytheist rap (hilarious, great in stereo)
Notre Dame takes the field
Trumpets under the Dome
Eric Genuis live at the Cove
United we stand

6 of the 8 received votes. The most trafficked of these videos was the Opening of the Easter Vigil Mass at the National Shrine. The winner, according to the voters was Typology sub-segment 

The vote for person of the year had votes for each of the nominees Don Hartley, John Benko, Ross Hoffman, Christie Martin, Margie Prox Sindelar, and Dr. Greg Thompson. I feel that excepting myself, a case could be made for any of the other 5. The contributions you all made were unreal. Nevertheless, the voters made their choice and picked John Benko

Thank you for a great 2012. 2013 should be even better.

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