Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Catholic Defender: Out On Patrol

In military tactics, a patrol usually can range from a small squad size element to a platoon size element.

Ordinarily they are a small tactical unit sent out to patrol areas of responsibility.

They are sent out from a base of operations, a small Joint Security Station (JSS) or a larger Forward Operating Base (FOB) for the purpose of combat, reconnaissance, or a combination of both.

The basic mission of a patrol is to follow a route that is known by all the personnel from the leader down to the lowest in rank.
They can walk the trek or they can be mounted.

The objective can range from keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary to gathering vital information from the people.

It is important in our strategy to have good relations with the local community.

The Medics in the past have offered help to Commanders because they have done good deeds helping the people. Getting vital information from the people can be most important to help keep information about enemy activity current and accurate.

The foot Soldier is vital in keeping watch for enemy attack, movement, IED's, and other enemy activities within your sector of fire.

This also helps maintain and protect the JSS and FOB security keeping at regular intervals looking out for anything out of the ordinary — which if found will be reported or dealt with as appropriate.

There are then basically two types of patrols that refer to reconnaissance patrols, which are sent to investigate some feature of interest, or to fighting patrols (US combat patrol), sent to find and engage the enemy.

Spiritually, this is the mission of the Rosary Patrol, we are out patrolling the areas of operation praying for the needs of the Church, the Pope and his Missionary and General Intentions.

It is important to know what the enemy activity is, to be able to identify the enemy who many times will hide among the civilians. They may look like Christians, sometimes may act like Christians, but in the end, are set out to destroy or cripple the Churches mission.

There are times when we must put on the whole armor of God and ward off the fiery darts of the enemy. Sometimes, we must take action and stand up for what is right.

Some of the enemy's weapons used against us is our own apathy, our own indecisiveness, our own lack of resolve. When ever we go outside the wire, it is always important to make sure you have your weapon with you.

When you hold your rosary in your hand, that is like holding the hand of our Mother Mary who is praying with us.

No Soldier should be without this important weapon. Each Soldier should also prepare themselves before going into the Danger Zone.

You should always have a copy of the Catholic Catechism and Bible near by.

Like the Old Baltimore Catechism would say, to know God, love God, an serve God.

If you have Internet access, to have deepertruth, Catholic Answers, Defenders of the Catholic Faith, or other sources are vital important information that helps give the Soldier strategy.

Before a Soldier goes out on Patrol, Mass is very important, you need to be charged up and fortified with the Holy Spirit to give you courage.

You must frequent the Sacraments and be in the state of grace, to avoid sin at all cost.

To receive God's blessing as often as you can helps fortify the soul.

It is also important to understand and know your Chain of Command. Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Pope is his Prime Minister, the local Priest are their representatives so we should pray for them knowing they are under attack by the enemy.

The Virgin Mary is a great gift to us as our spiritual Mother. We can trust the Lord with his Mother. Do not be afraid to use your rosary especially in times of trouble.

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