Saturday, July 21, 2012

Refuted claim by George Lujack

Carl Smith and Vern Miroth, please pay attention. Here is a comment left by your friend George Lujack, refuted by his own words;

How am I a polytheist John Benko? By believing that God the Father and Yeshua Messiah are both called God? Yet you believe in the Trinity, that God is three persons in one; that three individuals are called God; The Father, Jesus Christ AND The Holy Spirit. Then you ALSO pray to Mary and the saints as demigods. You are a hypocrite extreme on steroids. Your charge makes absolutely NO SENSE by any definition of polytheism.

     First, I will again enunciate the Christian position. There is only 1 Divinity possible, since the attributes of Divinity; Omniscience, Omnipresence, Omnipotence... can only be possesed in total. You cannot have 60% of infinity. Therefore, there can only be 1 Divine being. One, George.

Christians recognize that that ONE Divine being, consists of three persons. You, on the other hand, reject  the Holy Spirit and place God the Father and God the Son in a two-God scenario, unequal in Divinity. Yet, you have the gall to deny that this is polytheism.

Further, on the same clip, you are agreeing with Margie that only God is worthy of worship, yet here you are, again, bearing false witness and claiming that we worship Mary as a demigod, a claim you have never supported with one iota of evidence.

George, you are losing the debate to yourself here, let alone me. Your own words convict you.


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