Friday, July 13, 2012

What REALLY happened here?

Now that some of the smoke and fire has cleared from the recent controversy over debatemegdon, there can be some definite facts stated.

First, the real apple in an apples to apples comparison is where the content is. If the updated content is on the front index page of the dotcom, that is where the traffic would be measured. If, however, the front page is no more than a non-updated portal to the content, as ours is, it would be dishonest to measure front page to front page. I could cheat the system and give my website all the hits by using a Wordpress blog hosted on the site. However, I prefer the Blogspot format and so we will record the traffic there. In July, those final numbers will be between 75,000 and 80,000 hits, or at least 5 times what Smith herself claims that her site registers. It's not close- Get real.

The only legit measure is the update of the content and in that regard, our apple is a Red Delicious apple while "informing heretics" is a worm-ridden, rotten core. Stats have proven we have at least 5X the traffic. This is for good reason. Who wants to read page after page of empty headed blather and lies on her blog when you can have the solid theological meat and potatoes that we provide?

Having said that, that yours truly lost my temper and flipped out in a way unbecoming of both this blog and my Catholic faith is a matter quite beyond question. I admit, I own it. I am a sinner. This is not news. I apologize to our followers for it. If only the parties on the other side had the integrity to admit the same. While they are at it, they need to apologize for their relentless lying. During this whole process we have made not one false statement. Not one and we have proven this.

Their continued disregard for the truth has forced me to produce the email exchange below. This email exchange proves that we and ONLY WE issued the debate challenge and that it was Debra who attempted to weasel out of it by forcing the venue to another location (something we did for none of our 15 other debates) and to give Jimmy Z switchboard control under the false guise of not being cut-off (something that also never happened in 15 debates.) It was an excuse to run and nothing more.

Neither her nor Jimmy Z ever offered a debate topic, format, rules, date, time...anything! This proves, beyond the possibility of doubt, that this was nothing but a stalling tactic and that Debra never intended to debate. They actually had the audacity to accuse me of pulling out of a debate that never existed.

When we called her bluff, she conceded that we had made the challenge and then she folded, trying desperatly to save face.

I apologize to our detractors only for the colorful choice words to describe their outright dishonesty and cowardice. If I had stuck with simply calling them dishonest cowards, I would have absolutely nothing to regret.

Nevertheless, as the smoke recedes, these are the facts that are beyond dispute.

  1. Deepertruthblog challenged Debra JM Smith to a debate.
  2. Debra JM Smith did nothing but play games and stall before-
  3. Debra JM Smith declined the debate.
Any other description of what transpired is an unequivocal, bald-faced lie. Period.

Now, even the normally mild tempered members of our group, such as Margie and Donald and my wonderful wife, have come to realize what I have known for some time now. That realization is that Debra JM Smith of is a back-biting, pathological liar who couldn't tell the truth if her life absolutely depended on it. She also knows as much about Christianity as the average 4th grader and is absolutely incapable of holding her own in a theological discussion of any kind.

That everyone would come to understand this always made perfect sense to me. I never doubted it for a minute. Blog Talk Radio banned her because almost all people, of all political opinion, were ready to storm their offices with torches and pitchforks if they didn't. Debra JM Smith is a never-ending fountain of hate and hypocrisy and ignorance. This is a given.

What has DTB listeners flummoxed is what happened to Jimmy Z. You can't really blame her. When she acts insane, she is just acting in character.

But what about him!?

What caused this man to go from objective bystander and moderator to frothing, hate-filled berserker beyond even the pretense of objectivity. What would drive a supposedly level-headed individual to attempt to hijack a debate, claim it for his own, with all decisions of venue, format, number of debates, rules, subject, date and time? After-all, he was never any more than a suggested moderator- a bit role at best.

I'm going to give you the answer. It is going to ruffle some feathers but I have to tell it like it is.

Jimmy Z was scared.

Near the end of the 10 debate series with George Lujack, Jimmy Z insisted that I insert a disclaimer stating that George Lujack was not a protestant but, rather, a polytheistic cultist.

Now, I certainly agree with the characterization of Lujack and I will state, for the record, that George Lujack is not a Christian by any legitimate use of the word.

However, the request on Jimmy Z's part should give you pause. What was his motivation? His concern was that, in light of the way we were pummeling George, some might incorrectly infer that we were debating an orthodox protestant.

To examine this, let's look at the subject matter of those 10 debates.

  1. The Trinity
  2. Did Mary have other children?
  3. The Sabbath day.
  4. The Immaculate conception.
  5. Sola Scriptura
  6. Sola Fide
  7. Alleged Idolotry
  8. Peter as the Rock
  9. Infallibility
  10. The Eucharist
With the singular exception of the Trinity debate, Jimmy Z disagreed with the Catholic position in all of these debates (In the case of #3, he disagreed with both sides).

Add in our very first debate on Purgatory, with Dale McAlpine, and you have 10 debates on doctrine in which Jimmy Z was on the wrong side. The trouble for him was that even he could not deny that we won all 10 debates in rout fashion.

This became more and more distressing to him and he started showing more and more deference to George in the rules until, finally, Jimmy Z bowed out with one debate to go. In one respect, Jimmy Z was correct- Both Dale McAlpine and George Lujack seriously underestimated their opponents and summarily got their clocks cleaned. That they were weak and unprepared opponents is a given. This caused Jimmy Z to openly opine that, had I faced a competent and prepared Protestant, there would have been a different result.

That is where he is wrong. The only thing that might have changed would be the margin of victory, not the certainty of it. Those 10 debates are part of 15 on this page and no protestant in the world can contest the arguments that were presented. Not Charles Stanley, not John McArthur, and certainly not Debra JM Smith.

Now, I am not so bold as to think there nowhere in the world is there a better rhetorician than myself and that, among these, could be someone of the protestant bent. The most gifted seamstress in the world cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear and even the most gifted debater cannot dispute the plain words of Matthew 16, John 6, and James 2.

What was distressing Jimmy Z was not the way we were destroying Dale McAlpine and George Lujack but the way that we were destroying all of protestantism. Jimmy Z was looking for a hero to save his battered religion. When that failed, he decided to take matters in his own hands and skew the process to insulate his chosen combatant from exposure to arguments she simply couldn't counter.

Rather than examine himself and admit that his life-long belief system was in ruins, he sought to prop it up by declaring victory for his side without even a sniff of a counter-argument or the slightest willingness to ever even attempt to give one. The problem for Jimmy Z is that he has now heard the truth and is responsible for pursuing it. He can no longer claim ignorance as an excuse. Ignorance has been laid bare. He may now actually be forced to become a Catholic to have any possibility of salvation.

We are still waiting for that protestant hero to ride up and try to save the day for them. Most of them are at least wise enough to know better than to try and debate us. We will keep waiting.

...but not holding our breath. Dan Peterman backed out, Matt Slick wilted and DJMS went running for the hills.

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