Monday, July 23, 2012

The real reason George Lujack is so upset

George Lujack is going utterly berserk over our recent video satirizing him. Most of his comments have consisted strictly of name calling, which is the logical fallacy known as argumentum ad hominem. This means the attack is to the person rather than to the argument.

He does make a number of others including the proof surrogate fallacy where an appeal is made to evidence but the evidence is never produced. He does this by claiming that his statements were taken out of context. He could easily prove this charge, if it were true, by simply providing and explaining the context with which these claims were made.

Whenever George attempts to to this, he winds up confirming exactly what his own words suggest in the video- that he is engaging in the fallacy of Cognitive Dissonance.

Cognitive Dissonance is when a person attempts to avoid the consequence of their position by actually holding two different positions at once and cycling between them. The person will try to make you believe it is one position, though it isn't. George is caught red-handed in this and blurts out "There are two gods, one god and two gods, yes" Clearly, Margie and I trapped him and Deeper Truth Blog won the debate at that exact moment to go up 1-0.

We would go on to win all 10 debates in part because of exactly this kind of flawed logic.

George Lujack simply cannot defend his dual-God theology and, at the same time, claim he is a monotheist, Anybody can see the incongruity in that.

Christianity must reconcile Deuteronomy 6 that tells us that there is One God, John 1 that tells us that both the Father and Son are that same most-high God (Theos), That the Father and the Son are ONE (John 10:30), that Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable (Matthew 12:31) and that the Father has knowledge the Son doesn't have (Matthew 24:36)

These facts seem contradictory but it is not contradiction, it is paradox. Only in realizing that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are separate but equal beings, within a singular Divinity (One God) while the second person, at the very same time, holds a created human, thus inferior, nature can we reconcile Scripture.

What we are left with is a foundational Christian doctrine- the Trinity.

George recognizes how his doctrine breaks down, so he defends it with Cognitive Dissonance. In the same way, George recognizes that Catholic doctrine, as it truly stands, provides an impenetrable defense, so he lies.

A Straw Man is a deliberate falsely created position for the other side to avoid countering the true position. George constantly employs the straw man in the Trinity debate. First, he asserts that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit of Catholicism constitute 3 Gods. He knows this is a lie, Catholics believe no such thing.

Catholics believe that the Son is inferior to the Father only in His humanity. As God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are equal with the Father in the ONE Divinity. That is what we believe. If he rejects that view, he should choose to counter that belief rather than lie about it and break the commandment of God.

Instead, he goes further and claims that we worship Mary and the saints as gods- a claim that has only made him look all the more desperate and foolish, a claim without any evidence whatsoever.

What do you have when you have a person who must lie both about his own position (by use of Cognitive Dissonance) and about his opponent's position (by implementation of the straw man)?

You have an opponent that has lost on merit and is trying to save face by dishonest tactics.

Repeat 9 more times and you have George Lujack.

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