Monday, July 23, 2012

Deeper Truth Blog moving forward with debate prep.

After notching our 16th consecutive debate victory on July 21st, we are beginning preparations for our 17th debate against Chad, an evangelical protestant. This will be a series of 8 that promise to be much more pleasant than our last 11 victories over two rabid opponents.

Though Chad is a passionate defender of protestantism, he really comes off as a very civil and godly man and we are looking forward to peaceful engagement along the lines of our debates with Dale McAlpine, Sister Judy, Jonathan Knox Towery and even the debate between Mike Ruggeri and Dan Peterman on our channel.

In the first debate, Saturday, August 4th, we will introduce Eric Ingram, our new moderator. Eric is an agnostic, though a searching one. He was once a member of a left-wing chat room and known as Spectre11. Clearly, we don't see eye to eye on many doctrines but we do agree that Zionism, the over elevation of the false Israel is a dangerous doctrine.

The debate will start at 10:00 PM and Donald Hartley will introduce the segments and the persons.

Chad will start with an opening defense of the protestant doctrine of Sola Fide (faith alone) of up to 10 minutes. John will follow with a 5 minute rebuttal.

We will then take a brief promotional break.

When we return, John will give a 10 minute refutation of Sola Fide.
Chad will offer a 5 minute rebuttal.

We will then take our second break.

Following break #2, there will be 8 questions, split between the two opponents.
Chad will go first. Answers will be 2 minutes each with an optional 1 minute response. That makes the total time of this segment between 16 and 24 minutes.

We will then take our 3rd and final break before returning with closing remarks (3 minutes each). Chad will go first.

We then have the option to take calls or questions.

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