Sunday, July 15, 2012

An anti-catholic's idea of quality

In what can only be described as cognitive dissonance, Jimmy Z of the faltering Jimmy Z show, lamented that our blog and show (that is now getting record numbers), cannot attract quality debaters (his word, not mine).

In an email, one of these quality debaters scoffed at the notion of a debate with DTB this way;

"Something tells me she won't want to do it, she'll think she'll just get yelled at, not get a word in edgewise and get called names. She would want it to be a productive exercise. Why don't you just ignore him? Personally, I think he's a bit of a nutcase. I think he's being led around on a chain by Satan himself, quite frankly."

Wow! What defense could I mount against such brilliance? *rolling my eyes* Doesn't it really clinch the case that Jimmy Z has jumped the shark? This is quality? She is wrong. It would be a productive exercise. It would cause yet more protestants to become Christians.

Fortunately, we have an agreement in principle for a series of 10 debates against a knowledgeable (but civil) protestant. Details to come.

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