Monday, July 16, 2012

Agreement in principle on 8 debate topics

We are moving rapidly towards finalizing a debate package of 8 debates with an informed protestant from the northeast.

The following are the propositions to be debated. Those in Blue are debates in which DTB will argue in the affirmative;

1) Christians are saved by faith alone
2) Mary is a co-redemptrix, co-mediatrix and advocate
3) Man is justified by imputed Righteousness  
4) Jesus Christ is truly present in the Eucharist
5) The Bible is the sole rule of faith
6) Mary is the Queen of Heaven 
7) Mary is the Ark of the Covenant
8) The Sacraments and works are necessary for salvation

Right now, it appears that the debates will all take place on Sunday evenings. I will debate 4 and Donald will debate 4, probably chosen randomly.

The debates will follow this format.
  1. Introductions
  2. Affirmative opening statement up to 10 minutes
  3. Rebuttal up to 5 minutes
  4. BREAK
  5. Refutive opening statement
  6. Rebuttal
  7. BREAK
  8. Affirmative question #1
  9. Answer up to 2 minutes
  10. Optional Rebut up to 1 min
  11. Refutive question #1
  12. Answer
  13. Optional Rebut
  14. Repeat through 4 questions each
  15. BREAK
  16. Affirmative closing up to 3 min
  17. Refutive closing up to 3 min
  18. Audience questions (optional)
This person seems to be much more level-headed and knowledgeable than some protestants we know but that isn't really a high bar to clear. We are looking forward to finalizing this!

Debate rules are the basics- no ad homs, no talkover and no persistent evasion. We are still searching for a moderator that will fairly enforce these rules. We will find it.

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