Thursday, July 5, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

                                   --- 1 ---
Slow bake Friday...and Saturday...and Sunday...and Monday.

A Derecho storm
Never before had I heard the word Derecho but I can assure you I never want to hear it again. Thunderstorm power outages are somewhat routine for this time of year, so when everything went out at 9:31 PM last Friday night, I wasn't overly concerned. When it still wasn't on 8 hours later, I was. When I read the news and found out that 2 million people were without power, I have to say I was shocked. They called it a land hurricane and it produced up to 90 mile per hour winds and fearsome lightning.
The damage was described as catastrophic.

 62 hours we were without power. It was a real lesson for me. 62 hours without refrigeration. 62 hours without washing clothes or dishes. 62 hours of unrelenting heat and humidity. To know that members of our own blog went even longer! It makes you wonder how we would handle a real catastrophe!

--- 2 ---
Wannabee Friday.
You know the type. Metro-sexual, brilliant in only their own eyes, holier than thou hypocrites. That's right, they are the wannabees, poster children for Narcissistic personality disorder.

I suppose there is nothing wrong with flaunting your brilliance if you actually have it, but not the wannabees. No, there are the ones that are always hopelessly over-matched in any discussion on theology, unable to grasp even the simplest constructs and concepts. They are also the ones that run and hide from debate, so they must realize their inadequacy at some level. 

The wannabees almost never defend their own heretical belief systems. They are too busy running everyone else down.

The wannabees are very insecure people who hate anyone who disagrees with them.What makes them tick? We have issued debate request to each one of the clowns above and all 4 are running from us. so, if you see (CW from top left) Dan Peterman, Zach Kueker, Debra JM Smith or Matt Slick, tell them to grow a spine and debate us.

Tonight, we will be talking about wannabees on the net. Catch it!

                    --- 3 ---    
                                             Can you say Cha Ching?

 Wow! Mitt Romney raised $100 Million in June. The most ever raised by a Republican. If there were any doubts that Obama is toast, dispense of them now. I just hope he is not all talk. We really need him to do what John Roberts was too much of a coward to do- hit the eject button on Obamacare    
   --- 4 ---
Rapture Rupture 
Are Protestants hounding you about the Rapture Doctrine? Unsure how to answer? Here is an article I just wrote that completely refutes the Rapture doctrine in about 10 minutes. File it away for when you might need it..
--- 5 ---
The Book of Revelation
Confused about the Book of Revelation? May I recommend Michael Barber's fascinating book coming soon? It is a really great read that unlocks the apocalyptic language and helps you make sense of the numbers and symbols as well as the overall message of it's day, and as a template for the end-times.
--- 6 ---
Speaking of which.....
Deepertruthblog is working on a major project! A video series on the Book of Revelation and the antichrist. Work has progressed on it but if anyone wants to help, email us.
-- 7 ---  
The Rosary Patrol
Deeper truth does a weekly Rosary at our BTR show  for our Facebook group The Rosary Patrol. You are welcome to join us at 7:00 PM Eastern on Mondays. Join the group too.
The Rosary is the single greatest and most Christian devotion there has ever been.

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