Saturday, July 21, 2012

Debate victory #16

As the clock passes 2:00 PM eastern, Deeper Truth Blog is proud to announce our 16th debate victory in our history against 0 losses. The latest victory comes by virtue of a forfeit of Debra JM Smith of

Smith was formally challenged by us on July 3rd and despite extensive stalling tactics, evasion and outright lies, never made any serious attempt at contesting any point made or working towards any scenario under which she would ever debate.

Given a final offer in which she could establish all of the specifics of the debate including time, subject, venue, moderator and rules, she decided to respond with a vicious ad hominem attack on her website. That 48 hour final notice has expired and victory is ours.

It was clear from the very start that Mrs Smith was woefully over-matched, unable to explain even the most basic Christian doctrines.

Her and her accomplice, Jimmy Z avoided even the appearance of compromise and reason, substituting vicious personal attacks for serious negotiation of a debate. Debra JM Smith knew that a debate with us would expose both her deeply flawed and heretical theology and her inability to formulate any kind of a cohesive argument.

In the same way, Dirk Yarborough (who hides behind the moniker Jimmy Z) proved himself to be no more than a tool for a rabid anti-catholic psycho.

Our trophy will be permanently placed in our debates page along with a statement commemorating our win. All other pertaining posts will remain up permanently too. They will not be removed for any reason, so don't even ask.

Since our victory is clearly established, their lies laid waste and their utter humiliation not in the slightest doubt, this represents the last word on the subject. We get the last word.

John, in congratulations to our 16th straight victory, I offer this video as a prize:

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