Friday, July 20, 2012

Catholics beat up kids and set cats on fire.

Update: show moved to 9:00 PM

As a Catholic, I have been viciously attacked and accused of every horrible thing imaginable. It has been suggested that I support Mary worship, statue worship, angel worship, and demon worship. As a catholic, according the the coalition of the unhinged, I am in favor of genocide and paedophilia and Islam.

Now, it seems that I also beat up children and set cats on fire.
This is what passes for debate among anti-catholics.
There is only one reason.
They cannot defend THEIR positions.
One particular anti-catholic, Debra JM Smith, has claimed she would only debate me under ______ (fill in endless list of conditions) . When all her conditions were met, she still runs.
Prominent protestant apologist Matt Slick is flat out afraid to defend his false exegesis on the Primacy of Peter
Meanwhile, George Lujack (pictured left) , Carl Smith and Vern Miroth continue to act like rabid apes.
It all points to a very fun show tonight. LOL

Don't miss it.

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