Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bluffers vs Straight shooters

The next debate series coming up is a very clear and practical refutation of all the bluster and acrimony that we have received of late from the likes of Vern Miroth, Debra JM Smith, Carl Smith, George Lujack and Jimmy Z. For those who do not know who these individuals are, I apologize but I will be making a larger point anyway.

Chad is an orthodox evangelical protestant. Exactly the type of person that the puffed up have been claiming that I am somehow afraid to debate. As if.

From the time that Chad called into our show, until the time that we had agreed on a slate of 8 debate topics, rules, format, venue and moderator, and actually put the first two debates on the schedule, was a mere 28 hours.

This is the difference between those who talk a good game and those who actually back it up.

True, George Lujack did actually agree to debate us. Let's face it, though, as we neared the end of the debates, Lujack had given up any pretense of debating on the merits and had devolved into a never-ending stream of venom, hyperbole and outright paranoia that often had nothing to do with the topic at hand. It would not be enough merely to state that Lujack obviously lost all 10 debates but that in most of them, he really didn't even put forth much of an effort. In fact, Jimmy Z was actually so embarrassed at Lujack's feeble efforts in defense of doctrines held to by protestants (in 9 of the 10) debates, that he demanded that I put in a disclaimer that I was not debating a protestant but, rather, a polytheistic cultist.

Although I fully agree that George Lujack is a polytheistic cultist (as are his feeble-headed friends Smith and Miroth), I can see, in retrospect, that it was the wrong thing to do. A moderator's job is to moderate, not to take sides.

What motivated Jimmy Z (his real name is Dirk Yarborough. I am no longer going to protect his identity if he is going to continue smearing me) was that his faith tradition of protestantism was taking a real hit. In 9 debates where protestant theology was directly opposed to Catholic theology, the Catholic side won all 9. Add in the debates against Dale McAlpine, Dan Peterman, Jonathan Knox Towery, Sister Judy and Zack Kueker and it is 14. That's Catholics 14 Protestants 0.

Jimmy Z thought he could make the case that because we weren't debating a protestant, that we weren't effectively debating protestantism. Now, we are going to prove otherwise.

It is very ironic that he claimed we could not win a fair debate against a protestant, then did everything he possibly could to ensure such a fair debate could not possibly take place. Well, he lost.

Enter Debra Smith, Carl Smith (no relation I presume), and Vern Miroth. Three individuals that cannot seem to grasp the reality of what debate actually is but who all three have the temerity to accuse us of refusing to engage in it.

When we are done with our series of on-air debates with Chad, we will have completed 23 such debates. TWENTY THREE.

Smith, Smith and Miroth will have completed 0.

23-0 speaks quite loudly about who is and isn't afraid to debate.

The reason that the comments of these 3 are always blocked is because they are never substantive in the least. These people act like petulant children, posting endless streams of ad hom bile while running from every question and giving no evidence to back up anything they say ever.

The basic rules of debate are things you learned in Kindergarten.
  1. Don't be mean.
  2. Answer questions that are asked of you.
  3. Be polite and let other people speak.
If Smith, Smith and Miroth ever get that message, Debate is possible. As for Jimmy Z, he needs to realize that he can be a moderator or a combatant- not both. These 4 show no signs of clueing in.

Time will tell if that changes.

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