Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Catholic Defender: Tactics Of The Anti-Catholic

Jesus warns that many false prophets will come deceiving many. The tactics many use to attack the Catholic Faith are like a hit and run, scatter gun technique. Some blaspheme the God of heaven by their attack on the Lord's Church. Some worship false gods, while many follow false doctrines. Just like those who tried to humble Sampson in the Temple of Dagon, many try to humble the Catholic Faith through vicious attacks claiming to love people. They want to make sport of the people, to humble them out of the Church. The Catholic Church is like a giant oak tree in the middle of a field with scrub brush surrounding it. Can the schrub bush knock down the giant Oak Tree by throwing mud at it. No, not at all. The Lord will one day come back for his Church and all will be revealed!

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